Use the Work Out Cards KEEP TRACK

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Use the Work Out Cards, KEEP TRACKKeep Track and use the Work out cards

OK Guys. I’ve provided FREE down loadable WORK OUT cards that want you to use on a daily basis. These have been designed for ease of use and to be as simple as possible to keep track of your activities on the site.

Let me give you a good idea of how you can use these sheets to your advantage. First of all, fill in the information on the top of the home/first sheet with the checker board. If you don’t know what your BMI is (BODY MASS INDEX), click here and this will tell you what that number is.

Every time you have a work out, whether it be weight resistance or cardio based, mark it down on the checker boards starting from the top left box. Write down what you’ve done, the date it was done, even the day and sign it. If you forget and don’t do this first step, it DOESN’T COUNT! So don’t forget.

I have already put in the reminders at the top of the first page on the work out cards.


Next you need to sit down and write on your work out card the programme that you are going to be following for the next 6 weeks. The exercise videos will give you a good idea of the exercises that need to put on the card. I would like you to follow the same process every time that you begin to exercise. This is very important. I want you to get into good habits and follow the card as you have laid it out.

Each time you use these work out cards, the same process will be followed. These are:picture image of a sample filled in work out card









picture image of a sample filled in work out cardWARM UP

So this is the order of the WORK OUT as I would like you to follow.

A lot of my clients, when I first started working with them, were doing things in the wrong order. Training needs to be both fun, BUT NEEDS TO BE ORDERLY. It just works better like that and there are good valid reasons for doing it this way.

Most people feel that doing a cardiovascular work out before thee resistance training was the way to go. This not only is the wrong order of training, but can also be dangerous and not as effective.

Let me explain…During the resistance part of the card, you are definitely going to need focus, good bursts of optimal strength, and pretty much as much energy as you can muster to get through it safely and effectively. If you go on a long walk or the cross trainer for say 30 to 40 minutes and then expect to have all of the available energy to perform a challenging resistance program, good luck.

The common myth is that you are warming yourself up to attack the resistance training part of the work out card. MYTH!

Cardio vascular training is either done at the end of a resistance training session or on a separate day. Here’s why. If you are a bit tired from doing the resistance part of the card and you get on, say a tread mill or cross trainer, you are not requiring the mental focus to stay in REALLY perfect form. If you were tired in the resistance training part of the program, you might very well injure yourself, which will put your training back weeks if not months.

Secondly, after the resistance part of your training, your metabolism is definitely fired up and you will get more benefit in the form of burning calories than if you didn’t do it. Remember…Calories I… Calories Out. Keep in mind also, that after a resistance training session, you have broken down the muscle for it to repair itself, making it stronger and leaner. This repair, will take up to 48 hours to recover from. This is why we always workout every other day on all over body resistance training programs.

So your body’s metabolism is working harder for up to 48 hours after resistance training. Whereas after a cardio vascular training program, your body’s metabolism will only be working at a higher rate for up to 3 hours after your work out. Pretty big difference in the two, and this is why we like to have the best of both of these together, to get the biggest bang for the buck as they say.

Doing cardio on a separate day also has the benefit, in that you will be able to go for longer, burning more calories in one session than if you did it on the same day as your resistance training. But lets keep this in mind.

This is the way your card should look….action….action and more action!

Julia  Brundell completed card picture image

Please click on the image to see it larger

So in future posts, we will talk about the order of resistance training exercises and progression so that you get the maximum benefit from your training. SO get ready TO GET FIT!


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Heather Finished Workout cards picture image

Please click on the Workout cards to see them larger









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Please use the work out cards to keep track


Learn it, Love it Live it!


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Use the Work Out Cards KEEP TRACK

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    excellent way to keep track of what you are doing, brilliant!

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