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Picture image of the fitness logo on the site for the Ultimate Press Dip StandBuild Muscle, Burn Fat and Improve Performance with the Ultimate Press Dip Stand

The Ultimate Press Dip Stand is a piece of equipment that you will definitely need to purchase to become super strong. The principle of this machine allows you to use your own body weight for specific exercises.

You can also order additional resistance bands for your Ultimate Press Dip Stand to work progressively harder as you get stronger and better at performing these exercises past the minimum of your own body weight. It is rough and tough and easily storable allowing you to place it away and save room when you are not using it.

The reason people like using the Ultimate Press Dip Bar much better than all the rest is simple.

The open ended design and free-standing steel construction is sturdy and allows you to do many more exercises than you could with a normal dip stand.

The U.S. Patented design of the Original Dip Bar By Ultimate Press gives you an excellent strength training workout in the smallest of spaces.

This free-standing dip stand supports up to 350 lbs and can be stored underneath your bed. If you are just starting out or putting the final touches on your home gym, this dip station is an excellent value.

There are two exercises you can do with the Ultimate Press Dip Stand that easily make this product worth far more than its purchase price.

Dips: The dip exercise is absolutely the most effective body weight exercise for increasing chest and tricep strength.

Body Weight Rows: The Body weight Row is an awesome exercise for building strength in your shoulders, biceps and back. It is very comparable to a pull up.

Many people already know the benefits of doing dips, but you may not have known about Body Weight Rows. These two exercises alone are an extremely effective and challenging workout.

picture image of a man doing the dip on the Ultimate press with a link

There are also many other exercises you can learn about in our work out guide. If you have never tried this dip stand, you are going to be truly surprised at how quickly your muscles will develop.

Ultimate Press Dip Stand comes with a 30 day Full Refund policy including Shipping & Handling.

All you need to do is click the image to the right and you will be taken securely by fitnesshealthandmind.com to the Ultimate Body Press site for you to read for yourself the amazing benefits of using the Dip Station.

Please leave a comment and tell us of your successes!

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Learn it, Love it, Live it!

Kick it to the next level with the Ultimate Press Dip Stand!

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