Fear Not

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I was thinking the other day about motivations toward fear and how and why certain people succeed and why others seem to fail.

Let me be quite clear about what I mean when I say the F WORDs…..FEAR and FAIL!

To fail is to admit defeat. Just because you may not have reached or attained a goal you have set for yourself, regardless of the parameters with in it does not constitute failure.

You may have had a temporary setback….maybe you lost focus or the will, determination and perseverance needed to attain such a goal. If you have NOT ADMITTED DEFEAT….You have not failed. This is a fantastic opportunity in time to reassess and prioritize what is really important in your life and write them down.

Go back to the GOAL SETTING post and go through the process once again and really think about it and follow the principles as I have mapped out for you.

Losing weight, getting fit both physically and mentally takes planning to a certain point. Things can’t be left to chance. Your shopping list can’t be left to the last minute. You can’t just go to the gym when it sits 5 or 6 down the priority list, blowing off a home workout because there is a really good movie on the television….USE THE VCR and or the DVD machine to record!

In some very early posts in the MIND section of the site, I spoke about your attitude, your belief, your visualization. These are the keys to Success or Failure in the long run.

We have all been touched in our life by some kind of FEAR.

Our upbringing through childhood. Our parents thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Traumatic experiences early in life and some even later that always seem to hold us back or get in the way of creating success.

So the FEAR NOT is this. You sometimes either have one or the other. And sometimes you may have an internal conflict within yourself where you suffer from both.

Fear Of Success


Fear Of Failure

It sounds quite strange to say…

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Fear NOT

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Fear Not

  1. Hulai Connor says:

    Reading about fear on the site helped me rethink about what I need to do to obtain my goals for 2013. This is really great.


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