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The GYMBOSSThis piece of equipment, the GYMBOSS, is going to be a MUST HAVE when we begin advancing and getting into the HIIT training programmes that are on this site and ESPECIALLY needed in the



They say that great things come in small packages.  Well with the GYMBOSS this is true!

GYMBOSS will make any workout easier to plan and execute with more accuracy and consistency.

picture image of the gymboss colours

Click the image to get your GYMBOSS NOW!

1 or 2 intervals – 2 seconds to 99 minutes
Repeat up to 99 times
Beep and/or Vibrate alarm
Alarm duration 1, 5, or 10 seconds
Stopwatch function
Secure Belt clip
Water and shock resistant
AAA battery required

The GYMBOSS timer will give your workout the discipline and structure necessary to take your workout to the next level. This easy to use timer will allow you to control intensity and allow you to focus on the workout to get the best results possible!

Muscle strength, size, and endurance
Fat loss
Anaerobic endurance
Cardio endurance
Increased VO2 Max

The GYMBOSS is also available in 10 different colors.

Just click on the banner below and be instantly taken to a secure area to order your gym boss today.

Please Click on the Banner to order your Gymboss today. After ordering, return to this post and click on the BLUE arrow to go to the next post in the CIRCUIT OF TRAINING

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A necessary piece of kit to have, so get your GYMBOSS today!
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