Bunnies Weight Loss Update 2nd April – 8th April 2012

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Weight Loss

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2nd April 2012

Work shift today, I started at 6am and finished at 6pm. A very stressful Monday. I went to the Gym again tonight for a Cardio session. I did 5k on the Rower,funny picture image of a girl on a treadmill the Stationery Bike, the X trainer and the treadmill, 20k in all, I am completely exhausted.

Feel better for it after a hard days work.  Plenty of water today and now time for bed.
I am very impressed with Mr. Blanco.

Keep going Bunny! x

Picture image of Bunny Chesworth5th April 2012

Today was another session with Craig. Still playing catch up with my sleep due to further family problems which was reported to the police. I came in at 9.25am to get 10 minutes Cardio on the Cross Trainer and coffee beforehand.

Feeling stressed and very tired we started our session at 10am. We started on the Rower for 5 minutes for the warm up and something Craig said had me in a fit of giggles. It made my eyes water!!! Just too funny…if we different laugh, we’ cry!

I must get used to Craig checking my Core as I am not used to anyone touching my Abdominal area. I also need to keep  my heels down on the floor when I am doing squats. I did manage to do a plank for 3 minutes 15 seconds which was a struggle. I WILL get better.

The main part of training today was HIIT training, doing various exercises and getting completely out of breath. Towards the end of the HIIT training I felt a bit nauseated and almost threw up. (not very ladylike)  I just held my hand to my mouth and got some blue roll tissue.  I thought that would never happen to me.

After that was stretching then the session finished. At least I didn’t fall today and lost 0.5kg.

Write everything down!

Weight Loss

Picture image of Bunny Chesworth8th April 2012

Yesterday I walked 2 miles into work. This morning I went for a little jog of only 3 miles. I went to my father in laws home today for lunch with my wonderful picture image of fruit salad in a glassextended family.  We had lettuce, beetroot, and Pear strips for a starter, followed by Roast Chicken with Broccoli, Green Beans, Chicory, Aubergine and Tomato, and Potatoes.  Fruit Salad was afterwards.

They are the family I never had. I am working 3pm to midnight today. Tomorrow willpicture image of Mr Blanco be exhausting as I have a session with Craig but I am looking forward it…I get to meet Mr. Blanco.

It is getting closer to my fathers one year anniversary of his passing. I had a little time on my own before work just to think about life and what I want. I want to make Craig, David and my father proud of me.

Craig for his patience and perseverance
David for being encouraging and loving
My father for everything he has taught and given me

They are the biggest influences in my life. A lot of what we have talked about, especially Craig, makes a  lot of sense and April 26th will be a big day for me, it puts everything into perspective.

Time to knuckle down and “Get on with it”. I am going to be a mum in 2013. Now that is having PMA (POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE)!

Until next time…


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