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Alex Johnston (AJ), LondonI wanted to lose weight and get fit in a sustainable way. In my early 40's; over weight and relatively unfit....my wife signs me up for a free session with Craig ( without telling me) nice..I went along and am really enjoyed it. I signed up and I haven't looked back. Craig really knew how to stretch me to the limit and kept all the exercises varied and challenging to help me reach my goals.
He also gave me great advice on nutrition and working out on my own. A year on and I'm still highly motivated and my wife's Happy TOO!

I've gone from 104 kg to 91 kg..that's close to 30 pounds. My body fat went from 33% down to 23%. Had improvements on strength; eg. can now do 55 push-ups in 2 minutes and close to 75 ab crunches in 2 minutes.

Stamina and cardio also improved dramatically. Overall, I have ahieved my goal of feeling much, much healthier.
Thanks Craig....you're a star!

Alex Johnston (AJ), London

Nicky, BeckenhamCraig has been one of the most inspirational trainers I have ever worked with and I trained with him for nearly a year at David Lloyd.

I was instantly put at ease with his friendly manner, and inspired by his motivation and enthusiasm.
Even on days when I reluctantly dragged myself to the gym for our sessions within about 10 minutes into our session I always felt energized and motivated.

With Craig you really do get the personal approach, he is patient and friendly but knows just how far he can push you physically so that fitness improvements are made in each and every session. He creates a personalized training programme tailored for your individual needs, and even advised me on nutrition to maximize my training results.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Craig as a personal trainer, he is one of the best and I have been very lucky to have trained with him.

Nicky, Beckenham

Craig is absolutely wonderful. Having never stepped into the gym before, Craig was able to quickly gauge my strengths and weaknesses and tailor a training programme to suit my needs. Craig's vast experience meant that he was able to boost my confidence levels mentally and physically and pushed me to reach my goals. He is more than a friend to me today than just a personal trainer. His professionalism and positive attitude to training and living healthy has been an inspiration to me.

Shawn Cordoso/West London

Deborah Heron/LondonI trained with Craig for 18 months. I started off very nervous and unsure about most of the gym equipment but Craig soon put me at ease with his friendly manner and clear and easy to follow instructions/demonstrations on how to use gym equipment properly. I started off very overweight and unfit but over the 18 months have lost just over 7.2 stones (101 lbs) and my fitness has increased dramatically.

It has been a real pleasure training with Craig. He has a great sense of humour and always manages to make me laugh whilst still pushing me to my limits in every training session. He is very passionate about health and fitness and this comes across in every session. He is a great motivator!

I am now confident that I can continue to lose weight and maintain my fitness.

I can’t thank him enough for the help and motivation he has given me in the pursuit of my fitness/weight loss goals. I have a NEW LIFE!

Deborah Heron/London

Denis Wade/LondonCraig has done a great job in helping me focus on my personal fitness and wellness goals. I found his fitness sessions very inspiring and effective at helping me reach my goals.

Denis Wade/London

I met Craig through his work at David Lloyd, when he took me for a taster personal training session, it was really beneficial and so I signed up for weekly sessions.  In our sessions he guided me through strengthening exercises focusing on core muscles and abs.  I do a lot of skiing and Craig bought in a lot of ski conditioning exercises into the weekly work out.  I have gained a lot of knowledge of how the use gym equipment that was previous off limits to me through ignorance of how to use the equipment properly, a tweak here and there has produced real results. 

I will miss the weekly one to one sessions but wish Craig well with the website and his online fitness business.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services. His knowledge of gym equipment, how to use it properly along with developing a positive mental attitude and the tips about nutrition, has enabled me to shape up and start building up my abs."

Andrew Tatham/London

Nick Day/LondonI met Craig during his time working as a Personal Trainer with David Lloyd. There were many trainers that I could have chosen to work with but I was instantly drawn to Craig. This I put down to his willingness to help, not because it was his job, but out of a genuine interest in me and a passion and drive to help me to achieve my goals. Craig's humour and unwaveringly positive attitude meant that while he undoubtedly had a massive impact on my results, what started out as a dynamic of trainer and trainee, very quickly developed into one of friendship. The result is that I am now down to a 30" waist for the first time in 15 years and I am well on the way to realisng my fitness objectives.

Nick Day/London

My first experience of having Personal Trainer was with Craig.  I had always promised myself that one day I would treat myself to what could be viewed as the extravagance of a PT.  It turned out to be one of the most value for money expenditures I have made, and I wish I had done it sooner.  Craig is a star at motivating people and making them feel good about themselves.  He puts together a programme to fit the individual, never pushing too hard so that you feel you fail, but pushing you far enough each session to make you feel good about yourself and that you have achieved.  After each session I left feeling motivated to exercise on my own between my sessions with Craig.  I wish him every success for the future."

LuLu Powell/London

Monica Binns/LondonIn June 2010 I engaged Craig as my Personal Trainer because I needed to loose weight for my pending wedding in December 2010. I wanted to loose about a stone in weight, and to tone up in order to fit into my dress.Craig devised a great health and fitness program over a 3 month period and scheduled it around what days I could attend the gym.  

The program was a complete success, as I indeed lost the weight and looked fantastic 
at the end of my health and fitness  course.  I could not believe my new fitter and firmer body. By December,  I was in fantastic shape, and felt great too.I was fighting fit, and felt young again.  

Now, I am still able to manage and maintain my own fitness program because Craig gave me my own detailed fitness program chart and write up explaining all the required exercises to carry on with after the course ended. And from time to time he would also contact me to check that I was coping, and still able to do the exercises correctly and following a reasonable diet plan.
I found Craig fun to work with, friendly and very understanding when I wasn’t quite able to do a particular exercise correctly.  

I would recommend Craig to anyone, and should I need any kind of health and fitness advice in the future I would engage his services again. I have recommended him to all my friends, colleagues and family.

Monica Binns/London

Sharon Chesworth/London Ambulance ServiceCraig is very thorough in his work. I had Personal Training with Craig for over a year and he has a vast knowledge of Fitness & Health. He always greets you with a smile. I used to avoid the gym, as I am very self conscious about my size.

Craig has motivated me to use the gym more frequently and to better myself and I can honestly say that all our sessions together have been fun, enjoyable and very encouraging especially when I felt like it isn’t working mentally for me.

I understand a lot more now about Core & Posture, Nutrition, General Health and Fitness.
Craig is always firm, but fun, and a joy to train with. His instructions are always clear and concise and demonstrated beautifully. He is dedicated and committed to making a difference in my life. So far I've lost over 75 lbs.

Thank you Craig, you’re a legend x

Sharon Chesworth/London Ambulance Service

"My son and I have been training with Craig for the past 6 months. We have been extremely impressed with his extensive knowledge and experience; his exercise routines were much more complex and proved much more demanding than those we had previously met. We have both progressed dramatically with our fitness and strength programmes; in addition, my son lost a stone (14 lbs) in the first month, and a further stone (14 lbs.) since then, achieving the goals in which he set out."

Dr. Carol Lyons/ Charles Lyons/London

Lynn Barnett/London“I started taking personal training sessions with Craig in September 2010, until January 2011.  I have had personal training sessions in the past, but none have given me the results that I have achieved with Craig.  He always demonstrated each new exercise before I tried it and seemed to know my achievable limit and encouraged me to constantly think about my posture, core and breathing to obtain the best results before starting each exercise.   I have now lost around 9lbs and several inches around my waistline thanks to Craig!  Craig is a personable guy and always greeted me with a happy smiling face and made me feel that nothing was impossible! “

Lynn Barnett/London

Follow Craig’s advice and training plan and you will be guaranteed to get the results you desire! I have had 1:1 PT sessions with him for 1 hour per week for just over a year and the change in my body is significant. My core strength and body tone has improved beyond measure. Craig is inspiring, supportive, fun and relentless in his pursuit of excellence – both yours and his!

Kim Connelly/London

Dr. Ursula D’Souza/LondonTraining experience and results with Platinum Personal Trainer Craig Savino
Dr. Ursula D’Souza

The training with Craig Savino over the past nine months has been a great privilege and exceptionally rewarding. His motivation and clear teaching has enabled me to attain becoming healthier and more fit/toned with a greater understanding of core conditioning, focus ability and good posture. Over 11 pounds was lost to reach my optimal weight in just the first 4 weeks of training. This was achieved through a series of progressive exercises and together with his knowledge of nutrition. Craig’s holistic approach to becoming fit is a real inspiration where discipline and determination are key factors. The best of thing of all, the training was enjoyable, great fun and I achieved the advanced level of exercises!

Dr. Ursula D’Souza/London


  1. Lloyd Wade says:

    Like the proverbial car parked in the garage for years, I needed a jump-start to get going and Craig has provided just that! His partnership approach has given me a new confidence to the extent that even if I work out alone, I am motivated by the proverbs of encouragement and the positive approach he has downloaded in my mind!

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