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Think and Grow Rich SUCCESS

Posted on by Master PT

This book is a must have book if you truly want to have success in all aspects of your life. Here is a man…Napoleon Hill, who dedicated his life and work as a labour of love, into giving us all the tools we will ever need to be a success in our life. Follow the principles of the GREATS and you too will achieve greatness.

Procrastination,who needs it

Posted on by Master PT

Learn in this post what procrastination really is. Put it all in perspective and learn what you can start doing everyday to rid yourself of this debilitating BAD HABIT. Don’t put off reading this post (procrastinate), read it now and act now. There is no time like the present. It’s the only thing we are in control of today!


Posted on by Master PT

The real winners in fitness are those people that have that burning desire to REACH THEIR GOAL! The ones that will stop at nothing to achieve it. For you to be truly committed toward finding success here at fitnesshealthandmind.com you will have to have this in abundance.

Use the Work Out Cards KEEP TRACK

Posted on by Master PT

Here you will find the page to again, download your FREE PDF. Remember…these cards are here for you to keep track of what you are doing. Don’t forget that the top 4 “REMINDERS” have to be done EVERY TIME! Posture, tight core, focus and breathing properly are all basic necessities to getting it right EVERY TIME!

Fear Not

Posted on by Master PT

I was thinking the other day about motivations and how and why certain people succeed and why others seem to fail. Let me be quite clear about what I mean when I say the F WORD…..FAIL! To fail is to admit defeat. Just because you may not have reached or attained a goal you have set for yourself, regardless

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