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Medicine Ball Close Squat Twist Video

Posted on by Master PT

A BIG compound movement engaging the legs and Glutes (bum) and the twist for the core. Get this wrong with incorrect arm position and the core leaves the exercise and the shoulders kick in. You need to get this one right!

Prisoner Squat and Elbow Twist Video

Posted on by Master PT

Exactly what it says on the tin. Don’t put your hands behind your head though as this encourages bad form. Great for the bum and the twist needs to be wide and swinging. Learn the form here.

Swiss Ball Squat Bicep Curl Video

Posted on by Master PT

Good technique is critical on this exercise. Make sure your feet are in the right place and your ‘re staying straight up and down on this one to get the most out of the squat.

Dumb Bell Squat Bicep Curl Overhead Press Video

Posted on by Master PT

A dumb bell squat gets traded for the front lunge in this exercise video giving you the option to work either the glutes or use the front lunge to engage the quads or tops of the legs.

2 Arm Dumb Bell Close Squat Front Lift Alternate Knee Raise Video

Posted on by Master PT

One of those exercises where you really need to feel the balance and engage the core. Try not to drop the foot and give up on the core. Takes alot of though and concentration. Give it a go!

Squat Dumb Bell Medicine Ball Through Legs and Twist

Posted on by Master PT

Another alternative to the squating motion. Keep the arms straight or lose the core. Put a twist at the top to get even more benefit for the core.

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