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Overhead Press Video

Posted on by Master PT

Great for the shoulders and can be done in a variety of positions. You’ll learn how to do these correctly and the different variations in this post.

Posterior Delt Fly Video

Posted on by Master PT

One of the more neglected areas of the shoulder muscles. Learn in this post how to target these muscles with a useful movement and gain the symetry in the shoulders and not just wind up with good anterior and medial delts but have strong symetrical shoulders.

Squat Dumb Bell Sides and Shoulder Video

Posted on by Master PT

Any kind of squating motion is great for the legs, but you need to remember to drive through the heels and keep the chin up. Learn good technique and form here.

Static Lunge Alternate Leg Bicep Curl Over Head Press LR FR Video

Posted on by Master PT

Big Compound movement to get the fat burning. Kicks the legs, core, biceps, shoulders…a good one to incorporate into your exercise regime, but you need to get it right.

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