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Press Up Video

Posted on by Master PT

Undeniably one of the most well known and most effective exercises that you can learn to do correctly. Start on the knees if you need to and learn that a push up or press up is a mind over matter exercise, and without exercising the mind and showing real targeted assertiveness, you’ll never get it right. You’ll need 8 regular on toe press ups to advance throughout the site.

5 Press Ups Plank Move 3 Steps Video

Posted on by Master PT

Press ups are king in any exercise programme and getting the movement side to side in the press up plank position takes diligence. Keep the bum down on the side movement or you’ll disengage the core. Check out this post to see GOOD form.

Dive Bomber Press Up and Spiderman Push Up Video

Posted on by Master PT

A regular press up on steroids. The dive bomber is tough and needs to be done correctly without cheating to get the most of it. The spider man press up really is a cool one, but try not to drop the hips too much.

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