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The real winners in fitness are those people that have that burning desire to REACH THEIR GOAL! The ones that will stop at nothing to achieve it. For you to be truly committed toward finding success here at fitnesshealthandmind.com you will have to have this in abundance.

There are 3 kinds of people, Burning Desire

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there are 3 kinds of people

The BURNING DESIRE….Everything that I have been talking with you about always comes down to the same two words…BURNING DESIRE!

Use the Work Out Cards KEEP TRACK

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workout sheets post

Here you will find the page to again, download your FREE PDF. Remember…these cards are here for you to keep track of what you are doing. Don’t forget that the top 4 “REMINDERS” have to be done EVERY TIME! Posture, tight core, focus and breathing properly are all basic necessities to getting it right EVERY TIME!

Check Out These Inspirational Quotes

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inspiration feature

Live life everyday with purpose, enjoy the blessings that are in your life and remember that the hard work you put in today and everyday all counts. Especially in your fitness and general health. As my mother always says to me, even till this day and she is 82 years old… “When you have your health and eyesight, you have everything” – Lee Savino

Hiit Core Training Programme 125

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Hiit Feature

Hammering away again on the core and ab areas in this HiiT training video presentation. Carlene hitting on the obliques and the low abs in this post.

Bunnies Weight Loss Update 1st July 2012 – 15th July 2012

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update image for the bunny transformation blog

WEIGHT LOSS Weight Loss 2nd JULY 2012 The start of a brand new week. I have a session today and I know its going to be “Extra Tough” as I had a big meal yesterday. I know, I should have …


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Mind over Matter feature

PERSEVERANCE     So you have committed to the Advanced Gold Membership area and you have stayed with the program of getting fit and healthy with us here and then one day you start feeling a bit down. Maybe because …

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