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Understanding Muscular Anatomy

Posted on by Master PT

Learn all about the general physiology of your body. I’m gonna keep it simple here and you can learn the common terms for the most popular parts of the body. A must read post if you want to understand what we will be explaining in the training videos that will be coming!

Gain Lean Muscle

Posted on by Master PT

Find out what the key elements are to lose the fat and gain lean muscle tissue. Muscle….the best overall fat loss property the body has. Follow the simple rules of this page and take note of the tips. They’re gonna help.

Static Alternate Lunge Dumb Bell Bicep Overhead Video

Posted on by Master PT

LUNGE   Static Alternate Lunge D/B Bicep Hammer Curl To begin this lunge exercise select a D/B weight that is suitable. Start the exercise by holding the D/B by your sides. Now step out with your left foot so that …

MRT Core Training Programme 203

Posted on by Master PT

Only five different exercises in this MRT training programme, so you need to go for the full minute and get as many as you can in the time allotted without sacrificing technique and form.

PURE MUSCLE Pyramid Super Drop and Negative Sets

Posted on by Master PT

This is a great post for breaking down the different styles of training methods. From Super sets to negatives, this post will help you understand the functionality of all the different methods.

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