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The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Posted on by Master PT
truth about six pack abs

This information about getting 6 pack abs is absolutely fantastic.  This Book has been a best seller since 2005.  Now that’s a testament to the information contained in this book. The Ab muscles are just like any other muscle in the body.  SIZE = High weight and low reps.  TONE = lower weight and higher reps for endurance. You can’t go wrong with the price of this one.

Understanding Muscular Anatomy

Posted on by Master PT
muscular anatomy

Learn all about the general physiology of your body. I’m gonna keep it simple here and you can learn the common terms for the most popular parts of the body. A must read post if you want to understand what we will be explaining in the training videos that will be coming!

Speeding and Training Toward a Bright Future

Posted on by Master PT
Speeding toward a Bright Future

So you’ve been on the journey to get fit and hopefully the weight is starting to come off. Use some of these tips to help keep it interesting and fun. Notice when you are approaching a training plateau and how organizing your workouts with pre-thought is going to be worth it!

Focus and Breathe

Posted on by Master PT
fitnesshealthandmind.com post on focus and breathing

So the dynamic duo will be in your focus and correct breathing throughout each exercise. Many clients make it harder for themselves because they rush and forget the basics of 1,2,3. Visually seeing correct form and technique is key toward achieving a super fit body and learning the correct sequence for breathing will be covered on this page.

Core Essentials

Posted on by Master PT
Core essentials

On this page you will find out more about the forced center of balance theory. This is a good tight core position and makes a huge difference in the execution of all exercises and really any type of everyday functionality. The core is explained and will be one of the essentials as you progress on your journey.

Swiss Ball Core Roll Out Video

Posted on by Master PT
Abs and Core Exercise Video

Any time we use the Swiss Ball on any of the exercises, it is meant to throw you off balance and will always engage the core!. A simple straight forward exercise that is easy to learn and effective when done right!

Exercise Sequencing

Posted on by Master PT
Exercise sequencing

Here you will find the FREE PDF download once again for workout cards to help you keep track. You will also find the breakdown of the different levels of training and the proper sequence that you need to be aware of to get the most out of your workouts with us. This is a very important page and one that you should take your time with and absorb.

Ultimate Press Dip Stand

Posted on by Master PT

Here is a piece of equipment that you will definitely need to purchase to become super strong. The principle of this machine allows you to use your own body weight for specific exercises.

Use the Work Out Cards KEEP TRACK

Posted on by Master PT
workout sheets post

Here you will find the page to again, download your FREE PDF. Remember…these cards are here for you to keep track of what you are doing. Don’t forget that the top 4 “REMINDERS” have to be done EVERY TIME! Posture, tight core, focus and breathing properly are all basic necessities to getting it right EVERY TIME!

Standing Tricep Extension Video

Posted on by Master PT
Isolation Exercise Video

CHEATING not Allowed here. Learn one of the biggest mistakes that MOST people make when doing this simple yet effective tricep exercise. Too heavy on the weight will cause you to cheat. OK for the body builders out there from time to time to get forced reps, but for the rest of us….NO CHEATING!

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