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In this post you will find helpful information regarding portion control, eating the right things as the right time of the day for greater fat burning, why breakfast is so important and why its’ important to limit the carbs. A must read to get things right for losing weight.

Hello and Welcome

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Hello and thank you for coming to the fitnesshealthandmind.com site. It is our goal to help as many people worldwide, to shed the un-necessary weight, to get fit and healthy and to make it fun along the way. This page will help you on your journey to understand how the site works and the general navigation features designed to make it easy to follow, lose the weight and get super fit.


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Learn about Carbohydrates and why there are good healthy carbs and un-helpful carbs or empty carbs. Understand how carbohydrates turn into sugar in your system and why even having good carbs at the wrong time is just as bad.

Smarter not Harder, Nutrition

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A vast majority of the population around the world use the term “DIET” when speaking about losing weight. Here at fitnesshealthandmind.com, the word “DIET” is banned. We replace it with NUTRITIONAL INTAKE. Learn in layman’s terms the straight forward basics when it comes to thinking SMART regarding your Nutritional Intake or to your own peril and waistline….make it harder than it really has to be!

Low Ab Reverse Kick Video

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A really great exercise for the low abs! Low abs or the 5 and 6 in the 6 pack are usually the hardest and slowest to appear because they are usually neglected in favour of the top four. Do this one correctly and increase your chance of building symetry to your abs!

The Fat Burning Zone

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Find out what the fat burning zone is all about. There is more than one way to get into the fat burning zone and you will find out the ways how in this post. It really is calories in/calories out and what you are doing on the nutritional side of the equation is going to count dramatically in reaching all of your goals you have set for yourself.

Break the Fast with Breakfast

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Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. If someone were to suggest to you that as part of your regular nutritional intake you should go without food for 15 to 16 hours regularly you would almost certainly consider them crazy

Nutrition Mistakes and Mis Information

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Find out what the top 10 nutrition mistakes are and how to avoid them. These are going to be key to you transforming your body into a lean mean fat burning machine!

Is Insulin The Enemy Everyone Says It Is

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I’m gonna give the straight talk and simple to understand skinny on insulin so you will know the facts and not fall into the mass media mis-information that can destroy your weight loss efforts.

Veggies clean eating to lose weight

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Here in this post you will learn about the specifics and health benefits of some of the most popular healthy vegetables. Simple and straight to the point and extend your learning and appreciate what they are and the wonderful benefits they give you.

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