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Veggies and the benefits

Posted on by Master PT

VEGGIES   Veggies for clean energizing eating! Asparagus Veggie Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits Asparagus is low in calories and carbohydrates, and compared to other veggies it is relatively rich in protein.  One cup of asparagus supplies only 24 calories, …

The 1500 calorie menu

Posted on by Master PT

A great post to give you ideas regarding 1,500 calorie meal plans for the day. This calorie count will help you lose weight gradually and safely.


Posted on by Master PT

If you fail to give your body enough food each day it won’t be long before your body shifts into “starvation mode”, defense mechanism. Something we most definitely want to avoid. It’s simply your body’s way of protecting you from famine and a lack of food stuffs.

Protein building blocks

Posted on by Master PT

PROTEIN A vast majority of my clients, mostly men, will ask at some point about adding protein shakes into there diet to help increase the building of lean muscle tissue. For those people that are wanting to put on lean …

Genius nutrition substitutions to think about

Posted on by Master PT

NUTRITION Here is a list of some genius nutrition substitutions that you can start to implement right now in your nutrition plan. A lot of members say that they struggle with finding smaller things that they can do differently in …

50 Healthy Meals in Under 15 Minutes

Posted on by Master PT

HEALTHY MEALS Stuck for healthy recipes and healthy meals? One of the main reasons people eat an unhealthy diet is that they just don’t have the time or money to make something nutritious and reasonably low fat. We all have …

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