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The Healthy Urban Kitchen

Posted on by Master PT
fitnesshealthandmind.com post on the healthy urban kitchen

A fantastic book that has over 125 recipes, nutrition and Lifestyle guidelines, meal plans and menu planning and 11 special bonus reports. It wouldn’t be on this site if it wasn’t worth having.

Gain Lean Muscle

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Find out what the key elements are to lose the fat and gain lean muscle tissue. Muscle….the best overall fat loss property the body has. Follow the simple rules of this page and take note of the tips. They’re gonna help.


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carbs feature

Learn about Carbohydrates and why there are good healthy carbs and un-helpful carbs or empty carbs. Understand how carbohydrates turn into sugar in your system and why even having good carbs at the wrong time is just as bad.

Core On Back Lift Hips Squeeze Bum Leg Extension Video

Posted on by Master PT
Abs and Core Exercise Video

A good exercise for building general core stability, a tight bum area and exercising your mind to not drop the hip when doing the alternate leg out. Diligence is required to get it right.

Yeast Infection No More

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fantastic book and plenty of free bonuses

Yeast Infection/Candida You’re about to discover what might be the most powerful Candida Yeast Infection cure system ever developed. It’s the same system thousands of people, just like you, used to permanently cure their Yeast Infection and achieve permanent freedom …

Breakfast and the rest

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Eat breakfast and the rest

If you have slept for 8 hours, your body has gone for that amount of time without nourishment. You just can’t afford to skip this meal. Skipping it on puts the body in a stressed state that can lead to muscle tissue loss and vulnerable to fatigue and injury.

Fast Food, Why is it Popular

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fast food feature

Fast food is inexpensive because it is usually made with cheaper ingredients such as high fat meat and foods that contain lots of unhealthy fats (saturated and trans fats) and cholesterol, instead of nutritious foods such as lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Are you asking the right Questions

Posted on by Master PT

Sometimes life just gets in the way and you need to step back and take a look at the really important things in your life, or at least take the time out to identify them. So here is a list of provocative questions that you should think very hard about. Do a bit of soul searching

The Meal Plan

Posted on by Master PT
menu plan

Some really great ideas for meals throughout the day. Give these a try and really see if these will work for you.

Health Master Extreme Package

Posted on by Master PT
Health Master Extreme Package...absolutely fantastic!

his package has got to be one of the best that I’ve ever seen on the information front. This comes highly recommended by us here at fitnesshealthandmind.com, an one that shouldn’t be missed. But remember, knowledge is power, but without action it is merely just fantastic reading information. The word for today and for the rest of your life is ACTION.

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