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In this post you will find helpful information regarding portion control, eating the right things as the right time of the day for greater fat burning, why breakfast is so important and why its’ important to limit the carbs. A must read to get things right for losing weight.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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This information about getting 6 pack abs is absolutely fantastic.  This Book has been a best seller since 2005.  Now that’s a testament to the information contained in this book. The Ab muscles are just like any other muscle in the body.  SIZE = High weight and low reps.  TONE = lower weight and higher reps for endurance. You can’t go wrong with the price of this one.

Side Plank and Up and Down Video

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Also known as the side plank. This can be done in a variety of fashions and is great for building the lower core in the back area and greatly increases your balance and stabilization when done consistently and correctly.

Essential Water

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3 hours without shelter, 3 days with out water, 3 weeks without food. Water…good old H2O. If you are not hydrated in helping yourself and your body to FLUSH the toxins from your system and not helping your body run at its optimum state, you will MOST LIKELY find attaining your optimum shape you have visualized in your head a virtual impossibility. Learn why it’s so important!

BMI Calculator

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This is one of the quickest ways to measure your body fat is to use the simple and easy to use BMI calculator. You enter the information and it will tell you were you stand in the charts. Losing weight will certainly help you prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

Body in Balance

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Having a body that is out of proportion to the natural eye is never pleasing. Whether you are overweight or an extreme bodybuilder. We strive to keep you in proportion to your natural body shape. So a mirror is another piece of equipment in the gym or at home for you to use in technique and form. Get used to seeing yourself in the mirror and watch your form!

Ultimate Press Dip Stand

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Here is a piece of equipment that you will definitely need to purchase to become super strong. The principle of this machine allows you to use your own body weight for specific exercises.

Which body type are you

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Life is full of people of all shapes and sizes. As long as you understand the basic profiles you will be able to pretty much classify yourself as either one of the pure body types or just a mixture.

Interval and Compound Training

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Find out what the differences are between Interval training and compound exercise training. We’ll need a pretty good mixture of these tow to get the fat burning long after the exercise has stopped.

On your mark get set GO Your Training

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TRAINING   If you were a FREE REGISTERED MEMBER, you would not have to sit through all of the Ads in front of the videos. Wouldn’t that be better? It’s Quick and easy and you get the information you need …

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