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Bicep Curl Isolation Video

Posted on by Master PT

Learn the proper technique and form on this most basic of exercise. Fall short of supine palms to the ceiling at the top position and you are considered CHEATING! Get good and natural on this one…you’ll need it throughout the site, especially in the Advanced Gold Membership Area.

Swiss Ball Squat Bicep Curl Video

Posted on by Master PT

Good technique is critical on this exercise. Make sure your feet are in the right place and your ‘re staying straight up and down on this one to get the most out of the squat.

Static Alternate Lunge Dumb Bell Bicep Overhead Video

Posted on by Master PT

LUNGE   Static Alternate Lunge D/B Bicep Hammer Curl To begin this lunge exercise select a D/B weight that is suitable. Start the exercise by holding the D/B by your sides. Now step out with your left foot so that …

Static Lunge Alternate Leg Bicep Curl Over Head Press LR FR Video

Posted on by Master PT

Big Compound movement to get the fat burning. Kicks the legs, core, biceps, shoulders…a good one to incorporate into your exercise regime, but you need to get it right.

2 Arm Dumb Bell Close Squat Front Lift Alternate Knee Raise Video

Posted on by Master PT

One of those exercises where you really need to feel the balance and engage the core. Try not to drop the foot and give up on the core. Takes alot of though and concentration. Give it a go!

PURE MUSCLE Pyramid Super Drop and Negative Sets

Posted on by Master PT

This is a great post for breaking down the different styles of training methods. From Super sets to negatives, this post will help you understand the functionality of all the different methods.

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