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Medicine Ball Side to Side Progression Video

Posted on by Master PT

Another good core and ab exercise that gets done WRONG most of the time by active gym members. Without straight locked arms, it is a shoulder exercise. Straight arms required and NO cheating on this one to get the full benefit!

Body in Balance

Posted on by Master PT

Having a body that is out of proportion to the natural eye is never pleasing. Whether you are overweight or an extreme bodybuilder. We strive to keep you in proportion to your natural body shape. So a mirror is another piece of equipment in the gym or at home for you to use in technique and form. Get used to seeing yourself in the mirror and watch your form!

Plank Arms Alternate Leg Push-up Video

Posted on by Master PT

A really good static exercise for the core muscles and by lifing one leg off the floor, you will have to really engage the core as to not drop the hips. A tough one!

Plank Alternate Kick and Elbow Swing Video

Posted on by Master PT

Not only good for throwing you off balance engaging the core in a big way, but get the added benefit of engaging the glute and bum muscles at the same time. Highly recommended and a must have for the ladies in any exercising programme.

Swiss Ball Core Plank Knee Tuck Jackknife Video

Posted on by Master PT

Mixing some of the single movements up and getting into the progressive mode in a big way with this exercise. It’s in the Advanced Gold Membership area for a reason.

Alternating Jump Lunge Straight Arm Dumb Bell Twist

Posted on by Master PT

A great dynamic exercise to not only get your heart pumping, but get the legs into that burn zone and add a weight with a twist and really kick the core in this big compound movement. Careful of your feet position though.

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