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Put it into Action

Posted on by Master PT

So you’ve followed all of the basic principles on visualization and belief in yourself….and NOW..you have to put it into action. Learn the easiest ways to achieve any goal. Learn why perseverance is the name of the game, and why everything counts.

Ab Crunch and Alternate Twist

Posted on by Master PT

Learn the proper technique and form on this most basic of Ab and Core exercises. Most people get these wrong and start with their hands behind their head. Find out why not to do that!

Use the Work Out Cards KEEP TRACK

Posted on by Master PT

Here you will find the page to again, download your FREE PDF. Remember…these cards are here for you to keep track of what you are doing. Don’t forget that the top 4 “REMINDERS” have to be done EVERY TIME! Posture, tight core, focus and breathing properly are all basic necessities to getting it right EVERY TIME!

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