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First Degree Fitness ASPEN Stairmill

Shopping WarehouseA StairMill - not a "Stair Climber". What is it about our love to climb, whether stairs, hills or a mountain, that just keeps us hooked on it? It's important to know. The designers of the Aspen StairMill asked the same questions as they looked to create a device that emulated the best parts of climbing – how the body performs best naturally, how a mountain challenges us, how to build a green product – so that insight could be designed into a world class indoor apparatus. The payback of climbing is extremely high so as we consider any exercise method, the ones with a high payback – climbing, rowing and cycling - should rise to the top of the list. It's no wonder elliptical and treadmills are all pointing up as lifting one's body weight with every step has greater benefits. But do these modified solutions really provide the best indoor alternative? No. Our Aspen Stairmill delivers the most natural stepping motion, with varied resistance levels that emulate a mountain without occupying a mountain of space. Plus, Aspen brings some nice green design aspects as there is no motor, its electro-magnetic braking system is entirely user powered: Features: Electromagnetic braking system (no motor) - It is simply the user's own energy in climbing steps that drives the Aspen StairMill. There is no electrical drive motor, which reduces power consumption to a mere 60 watts – the same as a medium intensity domestic light. Aspen's electronics precisely control an electromagnetic braking system, which regulates machine speed, matching the feed rate of steps per minute to the user's programmed requirement and personal energy input. Step lock system. The Step Lock System - employs a photo-optic sensor that will automatically stop the unit if the user exceeds the lower limit of travel. The Step Lock also enables the user to stand still on the stairs while programming workout information in comfort. Computer control system - Select from an array of programs or set your own.Tracks time, distance in floors, speed in steps per minute. Contact heart rate monitor. Compact footprint – A mountain of a workout without the space requirement. The Aspen Stairmill fits in small apartments, modest rooms, hallways, anywhere you feel convenient because it is significantly smaller than most – if not all - other stair climbing apparatus. Transit Wheels make movement easy.


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Body-Solid Endurance Treadmill w Heart Rate Control

Body-Solid Endurance Treadmill w Heart Rate Control

Includes heart rate control. With 20 pulse-pounding workout programs. Rigid steel frame construction: . Heavy-duty 2 in. x 3 in. and 2 in. x 4 in. steel frame construction. Built to withstand constant pounding and jarring . Lifetime tread belt and shock absorbent, low maintenance deck: . Unlike other brands, Endurance tread belts are guaranteed for life. Low maintenance phenolic deck employs a SRS (suspended running surface) design supported by a multi-point shock absorption system which means knees, hips, ankles and feet will feel comfortable, even during long marathon sessions . Extra thick and durable tread belt: . Multi-ply tread belts are fusion-seamed for strength, flexibility and smooth travel over the phenolic deck . Powerful motor: . Endurance motors are designed to exceed horsepower and performance standards for home-use treadmills. Each motor is protected by P.W.M. (pulse width modulation) technology and air-cooled for efficient performance . 3 Window profile matrix LED display: . Provides with an interactive conduit to the efficiency and monitoring of your workout . Large diameter crowned rollers: . Casehardened steel rollers feature a large dia. design with a wide-radius crown to drastically decrease wear, substantially increase surface contact and provide superior belt tracking . Family-friendly safety keys: . Endurance treadmills will only operate when the safety key is engaged on the control panel. Ability to instantly shut down operation if you need to . Quiet performance: . Poly-V belt drive system delivers an amazingly quiet workout experience, allowing you to watch TV or read a book without being distracted by machine noise

Avanti Fitness AT480 Light Commercial Treadmill w Cushioned Deck

Avanti Fitness AT480 Light Commercial Treadmill w Cushioned Deck

Designed to reduce stress on the knees and lower back, this commercial treadmill is an excellent choice for gyms or physical therapy facilities. Featuring a contact heart rate console with an LED display, the treadmill offers two user programs and five preset programs and has a four window display. Avanti Fitness AT480 light commercial treadmill features a cushioned deck and seven programs. Includes wireless heart rate receiver. Contact heart rate console . Continuous horsepower 2.25 HP . Peak horsepower 3 HP . Speed range 1-16 km/h . Incline range 1-12%. 4-Window display plus dot matrix . 5 Preset programs. 2 User programs. Cushioning system impact down. Belt: 20 in. W x 56 in. L The Avanti AT480 Treadmill introduces the latest in cushioned deck performance through its unique adjustable impact system. The Impact Down technology provides reduced stress to the knees and lower back. Combine this with the flat fold away system for compact storage of the treadmill, the AT series by Avanti truly represents the latest in treadmill technology.

Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill NEW

Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill NEW

The InMotion ® T900 Manual Treadmill is the solution for getting a treadmill workout at home without the high cost. With dual ed flywheels, you get a smooth workout at a walk or run--you set the pace--while the monitor tracks your distance, workout time, speed and calories burned. With no electric outlet needed and no motor to maintain, you can use it anywhere. Adjust your workout intensity by choosing one of two incline positions, 10 degrees or 8 degrees. Light with wheels for easy portability. Dual ed flywheels for smooth workouts Two incline positions, 10 degrees and 8 degrees Sturdy steel frame Electronic monitor tracks workout time, speed, distance, calories burned, and scans with simple, one-button control Light with wheels for portability Textured, non-slip walking/jogging surface Foam padded front and side rails Skid-resistant rubber floor protector


Fitness, Health and Mind Shopping

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