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WalSlide™ Complete Station Exercise Machine - 6 Feet with Overhang

Online Sports6 foot vertical slide with overhang. The Cando WalSlide™ exerciser makes exercise with resistive band and tubing more versatile and easier than ever! Easy assembly, simple to use, takes up very little space. Perfect for the physical therapy clinic, fitness center, home gym, rehab center, and anywhere else resistive exercise band is used. Attach to wall surface. To use, simply (1) slide the vertical snap hook to the appropriate height level, (2) open the snap, (3) insert the resistive band or tubing and exercise. The snap hook slides seamlessly to any height up and down the center groove of the WalSlide™. Vary resistance level of band and tubing exercises by changing length of band/tubing or by changing the color of band or tubing in use.


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Cando 50 Yard AccuForce Blue Premium Exercise Band - Heavy

Cando 50 Yard AccuForce Blue Premium Exercise Band - Heavy

Cando AccuForce is a high quality latex exercise band that is used for rehabilitation and exercise. Achieve specific repeatable and measurable levels of performance with each rep. The patented indicators show exactly when four levels of elongation are reached. Each level of elongation corresponds to a specific amount of applied force. When a level of force is reached the indicator shape will have completely morphed from a rectangle to a square. Lightweight, portable, and measured repeatability! 5 progressive levels of resistance. Each level has four indicators that show when 50%, 100%, 150% and 200% elongation have been reached. Cando is licensed to use the Thera-Band color sequence, so resistance level is easily identified.

Cando 100' No Latex Yellow Exercise Tubing - X-Light

Cando 100' No Latex Yellow Exercise Tubing - X-Light

Cando No-Latex (NL) stretch-tubing is made from a synthetic latex free substance that mimics the stretch and durability qualities of latex band. Cando tubing is used for rehabilitation, conditioning and especially personal training. All exercise tubing are lightweight, take up minimal room and are highly portable. There are 8 progressive levels of resistance to accommodate the lightest to the strongest needs. Until 2006 there were 7 levels of tubing - but because of the burgeoning fitness industry there are now 8! Need an even heavier tubing? You can double up to double the resistance or simply use a shorter piece! Cando is licensed to use the Thera-Band color sequence, so resistance level is easily identified. All Cando exercise products are CE certified.

Cando 20" MVP Rocker Balance Board with 2 Blue Hemispheres - Hard

Cando 20" MVP Rocker Balance Board with 2 Blue Hemispheres - Hard

The MVP offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating platform to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training and postural reactions. The lightweight board can be taken anywhere. The boards can be used for: balance, coordination and proprioceptive training; ankle and knee strengthening and rehabilitation; core strengthening and stability; ankle range-of-motion and flexibility; and improved posture. The MVP boards have a slip resistant textured top surface. The boards have three stainless-steel insets on the bottom (five insets for the rectangular board) to accommodate the "screw-in" instability ball(s). To use the board as a rocker simply insert two balls into the stainless-steel insets on the bottom of the board. This allows the board to move in only one plane of instability. To use as a wobble board place one ball in either the center inset or in one of the extremity insets. This allows the board to pivot in multiple planes. interchange different color instability balls to change level of vestibular challenge. Each board has slots to tie exercise band or tubing for a more dynamic vestibular challenge!


Fitness, Health and Mind Shopping

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