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Cando® Horizontal 5 Bin Universal Exercise Band Rack with 5 50-Yards Rolls Latex Free Band

Online SportsRack comes with 5 50-yard rolls of latex-free exercise band (yellow, red, green, blue, and black). Pre-assembled, lightweight (12 pounds) stackable plastic exercise band rack holds 5 50-yard rolls of Cando band (or any other brand resistive exercise band!). Unique rod-in-tube technology facilitates smooth, effortless dispensing. Simply pull desired length of band, and snip off with scissors. Rack has attachment mechanism on top so multiple band racks can be safely stacked. Rack can be screwed into wooden tabletop surface for added stability. Perfect for use in a fitness facility, physical therapy center, and anywhere resistive exercise band is dispensed.


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X-Heavy Figure 8 Resistance Band in Blue

X-Heavy Figure 8 Resistance Band in Blue

Designed for use with both upper and lower body exercise, this figure eight style resistance band will be a versatile and budget friendly addition to any workout. Finished in blue, the band has extra heavy resistance and features cushioned grips for comfortable use. X-heavy figure eight resistance band is finished in blue and features padded grips. Great for travel. Define arms, shoulders, chest, back, buttocks and legs. Learn to tone and strengthen major muscle groups with these resistance bands

Thera-Band 6 Yard Exercise Band Color: Gold

Thera-Band 6 Yard Exercise Band Color: Gold

Features: -6 Yard patient rolls. -Special system of progressive resistance. -Can be used for both the upper and lower body muscles. -Approved for use by the APTA.

Cando 20" MVP Rocker Balance Board with 2 Blue Hemispheres - Hard

Cando 20" MVP Rocker Balance Board with 2 Blue Hemispheres - Hard

The MVP offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating platform to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training and postural reactions. The lightweight board can be taken anywhere. The boards can be used for: balance, coordination and proprioceptive training; ankle and knee strengthening and rehabilitation; core strengthening and stability; ankle range-of-motion and flexibility; and improved posture. The MVP boards have a slip resistant textured top surface. The boards have three stainless-steel insets on the bottom (five insets for the rectangular board) to accommodate the "screw-in" instability ball(s). To use the board as a rocker simply insert two balls into the stainless-steel insets on the bottom of the board. This allows the board to move in only one plane of instability. To use as a wobble board place one ball in either the center inset or in one of the extremity insets. This allows the board to pivot in multiple planes. interchange different color instability balls to change level of vestibular challenge. Each board has slots to tie exercise band or tubing for a more dynamic vestibular challenge!


Fitness, Health and Mind Shopping

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