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Rubber Medicine Ball Size: 6 lbs

WayfairFeatures: -Rubber medicine balls that bounce. -These balls maintain their shape. -Extremely durable. -Colors may vary. -Available in following sizes:. -2 lbs. -4 lbs. -6 lbs. -8 lbs. -10 lbs. -12 lbs. -15 lbs.


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Medicine Ball Training with Allen Hedrick (DVD)

Medicine Ball Training with Allen Hedrick (DVD)

Medicine Ball Training discusses the value of including medicine-ball exercises in a comprehensive training program. Because throwing a medicine ball does not involve a deceleration period (unlike traditional weightlifting movements) during the exercise, explosive movements can be performed without having to slow down the implement. The DVD features a series of medicine-ball exercises that can easily be implemented into a well-designed training regimen. Among the topics covered: speed-rotation exercises, seated exercises, kneeling exercises, standing exercises, one-arm exercises, two-hand exercises, and overhead exercises. Produced in cooperation with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

FitBALL® FitBALL MedBalls, Blue, 8 lbs., 9

FitBALL® FitBALL MedBalls, Blue, 8 lbs., 9

FitBALL ® MedBall Blue 8 lbs. 9. Premium line of medicine balls available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 lb . Textured dimpled surface improves grip and handling. FitBALL MedBalls have a hollow core, are made from rubber and bounce. Packaged in a poly bag.

Six Pound FitBALL Red Textured Medicine Ball w Adjustable Straps

Six Pound FitBALL Red Textured Medicine Ball w Adjustable Straps

Get that trim and toned body you've always wanted with the help of the FitBALL weighted medicine ball with straps. Heavy-duty red rubber ball features adjustable straps so that it can be used as a leg weight as well as for upper body exercises. Six pound ball is appropriate for intermediate skill levels, and it even bounces for adding a little fun into your routine. Versatile and affordable, this is fitness equipment that everyone will enjoy using. Red 6-poound textured FitBALL fitness equipment features removable straps. Large traditional medicine balls with 2 adjustable straps on each ball. Flexible and adjustable straps to fit small or large hands. Add extra challenge to lower body and core workouts by strapping a MedBall to both ankles for leg raises. Removable straps for conventional medicine ball exercises. Hollow core. Available in various colors. Made from rubber and bounce. Packaged in poly bag. Allen wrench not included. 30-Day unconditional warranty. 9 in. Diameter (6 lbs.)


Fitness, Health and Mind Shopping

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