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"Golf From the Inside Out" Training Package

Online SportsThe GOLF FROM THE INSIDE OUT Program was developed by focusing on biofeedback training exercises that help you learn to consistently contract the correct muscles to dynamically stabilize the spine through the swing. This training and conditioning of a player's joint and muscle control for simultaneous mobility and stability is critical to improving function. Doing this persistently will allow the same body relationship to the ball on each and every stroke, ensuring a consistent swing and a consistent game. This program is not about your golf swing, but improving your game.Until recently, professional golfers were notorious for downplaying the importance of exercise. But with the emergence of Tiger Woods and the focus on his physical strength and conditioning, fitness has begun to play a critical role in the day-to-day routine of many tour players. Many PGA players have hired personal trainers and physical therapists, and can often be found spending as much, if not more time, in the tour's fitness trailer as on the practice range. By following fitness programs designed to help them increase flexibility and power, these players have seen their scores go down and their level of play go up.Success in the game of golf requires a lot more fitness than the average player is prepared for or even acknowledges. In a single round, a golfer can walk seven to eight thousand yards or the equivalent of four miles. This alone is a significant task for most people, but when combined with pulling or carrying the weight of a fully loaded golf bag, traversing the inclines and declines of a course, and executing 70 to 100 swings, the physical stress load becomes substantial. As you become tired, your body mechanics begin to break down,your golf swing becomes less consistent and the results less satisfying.Regardless of your handicap the GOLF FROM THE INSIDE program develops the muscles and control to keep your golf swing solid and your scores improving. Feel what it trully means to "keep your legs quiet" and "lock your back hip" and how it all impacts your golf swing. Whether at home, in the office or at the club, you can work on the physical mechanics of your game.Includes:2 DYNADISCS12" SWIVEL DISCS (set of 2)20" SWIVEL DISC20" x 40" DYNABOARDGOLF WHIPTM tubing attachment65 cm SUPERIOR GYMBALL"GOLF FROM THE INSIDE OUT" Instruction ManualClick here for some DynaDisc exercises.


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Fitness, Health and Mind Shopping

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