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Elite Open Power Rack

Online SportsPLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP VIA 3-DAY DELIVERY.4” x 3” 7 gauge steel uprights are laser cut for easy movement of our heavy duty “J” Hook system. Has flip up spotter stands, adjustable safety bars, dual grip chin bar Olympic bar storage, band storage, and nickel plated weight storage for over 1,400 lbs. of Olympic plates. Optional hardwood platform inserts into rack with 6’ x 8’ platform outside of rack.Available in either Silver Metallic or White powder coat Finish with Black upholstery W: 74”, D: 72”, H: 96” Shipping Weight: 575 lb.Multi Bench Sold Separately


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VTX Olympic Plate Rack and Bar Holder

VTX Olympic Plate Rack and Bar Holder

Light institutional grade Olympic Plate Rack and Bar Holder. Allows you to safely store your weight plates and bars in one convenient location. Features: -Plate rack and bar holder. -Collection: VTX. -Black finish. -Institutional quality. -Great for bu...

34' Olympic Tricep Bar (1") in Chrome

34' Olympic Tricep Bar (1") in Chrome

The XMark 34" Chrome Olympic Tricep Bar (1 inch) XM-3660 will leave your arms sculpted and ensure they have great definition. You can be sure your triceps are enhanced by equipment made with industry-leading ergonomic design. Visible results are produc...

Vault Bar Color: Red

Vault Bar Color: Red

Practice vaulting with your very own playground vaulting bar. This galvanized metal tubing is perfect for practicing your future olympic moves. Just jump, pull, and go! This vaulting bar has a user zone of 13' x 18'. Features: . -Perfect for all people...


Fitness, Health and Mind Shopping

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