Mr Blanco’s Quest for Fitness

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Hey, Craig here, your Master Personal Trainer.  Tomas Blanco (35) is one of these guys that really does believe that he can attain the body and the fitness level that he see’s for himself in his head.  This is why “Mr BLANCO” is on this site and why we will be following his progress in his quest to become super fit and have the ultimate body that he see’s for himself over the next months ahead.

Mr. Blanco has what all people need to be successful in anything they endeavour in life, whether it be job, family, relationships or fitness.

That is the D.C.A.P principle.





Not only that, but it is fueled by a burning desire to stop at nothing to achieve the goal set out.  Mr. Blanco already is an INSPIRATION to not only himself, but to other people on this site and around the world on what is possible and what can be achieved if you START where you stand and take consistent action toward its attainment.  It is not all done in a single moment, but more of a day to day persistent pursuit and quest toward the goal, regardless of how small a change can be.  All the little changes add up to one BIG CHANGE.

Buddha :  ” A jug fills drop by drop.”

Buddha : ” To keep the body in good health is a duty. . . otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

If the action that he is doing is NOT HELPING toward the BOTTOM LINE GOAL, then he doesn’t do it!  THAT IS THE SACRIFICE.


Height: 6′ 1″

Weight:  131kg / 288 lbs. / 20.57 stone

GOAL:  To attain a top level of fitness, lose the excess weight and keep it off forever and gain the athletic shape, including a six pack within a year.








MR BLANCO’S running diary toward fitness

Here Mr. Blanco bares all of his thoughts and processes on getting super fit and healthy.  The QUEST is to lose the weight and get into 6 pack territory. Follow his training progress and get into his head on how he deals with the temptations to do the wrong thing and the mindset needed to succeed in fitness and attain the ultimate prize. 

The D.C.A.P. principle is definitely in full stride on a daily basis.  You will need to do the same things and dig deep within yourself and find that burning desire to SUCCEED.


So I’m here to give my body a real shot at getting fit again. Always been a big guy, taller than my whole family at the age of 15, 6ft1 big frame. Never did much exercise till I went to South America spent 8 months out there and lost a lot of weight when I was 21.

Unfortunately 4 years after that I had put on quite a bit of weight again. Realising this and not likening it, I started to gym again. I lost some weight again, but didn’t keep it up. That was until I started Wing Chun Kung fu with my brother, that was twice a week and kept me focused, because if I didn’t compliment it with the gym I would be struggling in class.

Then I landed a night shift job this was my down fall, late nights, pub and only takeaways open at that time and after that I had to move south and could not afford the Kung fu classes anymore. I let it all slide and I paid for it.

Once I left night shift and realized the mess I was in (not just physically). I started it all over again.

I went to the gym 4 times a week; I was lifting heavy weights and hung out with the meat heads. My stamina was not bad. I could outlast people much lighter than me. This went on for 3 years, but I was still not really loosing much weight or fat, or at least not keeping it off. I have always researched fitness online, I guess when I was sitting on my ass at work for so long it was the closes I got to feeling active.

So last summer I found one of these HIIT video classes I got a copy of it I did it religiously. And you know what I got super fit and lost a bunch of weight again. I was loving it, being able to do it at home 5 to 6 times week, I never shy away from hard work I just don’t focus.

Now we all know how that went otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Just after we come back from holiday our landlord wants us out to sell the place, this in junction other factors made it very difficult to train, or keep focused with nutrition. I let it all slide and I paid for it.

The whole point of everything I just told you about the last 13 years of my life was to make you understand how easy it is to go up and down in weight, even if you have the will power and dedication. Outside influences will always find you and bump off course, it’s up to you to realign. I say this as I was made redundant after 5 years in a job where I was promoted every 1 and half.

We got bought out by a bigger company and all middle management had to go. I got garden leave for 6-8 weeks plus my payment.  So after the initial shock, and the obligatory wonder of what I’m going to do,  I thought there is only one thing I can control right now, or even ever when you think about it and that’s me, so “F@*k it, let’s do it” and every weekday I went to the gym…

 3rd NOVEMBER 2011

First day after I was weighed and measured by Craig. Not a great day as I realised after 3 months of busting my hump I didn’t lose as much as I thought.  Or maybe I was more out of shape then I realized, either way the numbers where there staring back at me.

So after that hard pill had swallowed,  all  I had to hold on to is the fact that I have gone down to 27% body fat, something like 8% less than last time I measured it. We measured my v02 (that was awful, no idea why) my strength (not bad, no surprise there) and finally my core, (which was good, I’m sure he was surprised) so I have been doing something right, but not as much as I can.

With that in mind I spoke to Craig about what his philosophy was, what he thought was the best thing for me.  One of the reasons I approached Craig was his insight into fitness, yes he is very friendly and approachable. But for me, as someone who always read up on all these HIIT training, Epoc effect and crazy stuff like the MMA fighters or the 300 actors do.

Seeing Craig put some of his advance clients through the motions really spoke to me.
I have been training hard for 3 months maybe staying 3 hours in the gym sometimes. I have always been big and strong. I was getting stronger and fitter, but not losing the weight (or IMB) to what I want. Something had to change, and speaking to Craig about all his methods, some I loved some might take me a little time to warm up to. But either way I was talking to someone who was knowledgeable.

With so much mixed information on the net is so difficult to solidify a true path to take. The funny thing was after all that, the one thing that really came out of it was the one thing I already knew… cheat days, or cheat weekends as they had become in my house. I had read about having a cheat day where you eat what you want for psychological reasons, so u don’t obsess over the food you can’t have I still believe in the idea behind it.

That is if you stick to it, make it one solo day of the week, not let it creep up to the whole weekend, and don’t do it till you lose the first chunk of weight/fat you want.

5th NOVEMBER 2011

Very busy the last few days, got a few jobs coming through and I need the money. I have not had the time to go into the gym. So I have trained at home, not the same a the gym by a long shot unfortunately. As much as I have resistance bands and other equipment I can really go for it as I’m on the 1st floor, don’t want my neighbours thinking its air attack.
It’s very frustrating when I can’t go into the gym, but doing something, anything for an hour is better than not.

9th NOVEMBER 2011

First day of the proper training with Craig, it was really good. It was complicated at first as he loves his compound movements, but I like that, shows faith in me and pushes me. By faith I mean that he has evaluated me correctly, no offense to anybody but if he got me doing what I’ve seen him doing with the very novice clients, I would not have been too pleased or motivated.

Crazy Abs training that was tougher then anything I have ever done in any martial arts class. Constantly moving, shocking my muscles into life even with far lighter weights then I’m use too.

Training consistently with a friend which I have done in the past is very rewarding and motivating, but having someone train you is a whole different thing.
“Suck it up” was the quote of the day

12th NOVEMBER 2011

Cafe in Albi, France

Like I said before, the ball really dropped, what’s the point, I will be in France again, and I will eat other amazing food in other places, just not now and not for the next few months.

16th NOVEMBER 2011

Nausea inducing training session with Craig, while I was in France it was very difficult to train; I managed two 20mins runs in 4 days and so tired from the trip and the traveling. Now after training with Craig and wanting to be sick I realized I really must keep it up (training not the food), coming into the session “cold” made it very hard, I felt so much weaker then the first time, it was really hard. I never wanna feel like that again, so I will make sure I keep a real consistency in the gym, either that or take a little bag with me.
“I need a water break”

17th NOVEMBER 2011

After the hell that was the last session, I’m making sure I stay on form. I hated the fact it was harder than the first.

19th NOVEMBER 2011

I have to admit that the food part has not been too hard, but I have been cutting stuff out gradually for a month. No drinking during the week, little to no-carbs at night, doing 5 smaller meals, egg whites for breakfast, that sort of thing. But like I said before the real change was keeping it up on weekends, and for some reason today after a workout with my girlfriend we hit the supermarket and everything looked so good. I’m a big deli man, love cheese, salami and dips and they were all just there at hands reach, even the idea of warm white bread was getting me high.

I didn’t get any, but I have to admit I have never had such a craving come out of nowhere like that. It was like the whole shop had soft focus. I did think it may be to do with the fact I do my shopping online, I will have to say that is a good tip. I would really recommend it, there is no connection with the food.

If you set your meals up well in advance then all you are getting are supplies, once it’s set up as your favorites it’s so easy, and you don’t get distracted by some cheese, chocolate, cake or whatever your poison is.
Having said that, if you can go to a market for your fruit and vegetables please do it. You can take the enjoyment of buying food to a place where everything is fresh and good for you.


I saw Bob Dylan last night at the Hammersmith Apollo, a really good night and one of the first times I had to test my drinking curb. I did do 3 pints; this for me is very good. It was Dylan, I was with one of my partners in crime and I still only did 3 pints… or was it 4?


23rd NOVEMBER 2011

To find out more about The GYMBOSS Interval Timer, please click the image

Now here is the perfect time to plug the best fitness bit of kit I have ever bought. A heart rate monitor, I have been using it for 2 weeks now for any cardio I do. Whether it’s the HIIT warm ups or the runs I take on the streets. I feel like Drago in Rocky 4 with all my equipment, but everything I do, I know I’m making my heart work as much as I want it to. No cheating or taking it easy, this thing tells me exactly what my body is doing.

The flipside to this is that you don’t need to over train either, do some damage to yourself. This is how we used it on the HIIT work out with Craig, I hate to admit it but on the 3rd round I needed longer rest periods as my heart was going way up high, but that’s the beauty, I did rest for longer but my heart was going so fast it was like I was still working out.

“155, take a break”

25th NOVEMBER 2011

Parts of me are starting to ache, I know I keep pushing it every time I’m in there so TF its Friday so I can rest till Monday.

26th NOVEMBER 2011

Might have drunk a little too much last night, but luckily i had some leftover food when I got in, so there was no need to eat loads of bread or get a take out. Will try and do that if I know I’m going out, cos once your bit pissed you will eat anything, especially if you didn’t eat before going out. I’m sure there is a lesson in there somewhere.

28th NOVEMBER 2011

No idea why but it was so hard getting into the gym today, nasty Monday. The only way i made was going on auto pilot and leaving as soon as i started bargaining with my brain as to why we should stay.

30th NOVEMBER 2011

So we started to train with Craig today 30mins into my arm really started to ache. I had this weird feeling on the inside of my elbow for a few days. I could feel the tendons tensing up, but i kept training as it was just uncomfortable and it was almost the weekend. But today it really started to hurt, my arm started sharking a bit.

I told Craig and we stopped all exercise that involved my arms. We carried on, because that is the advantage of having a trainer, he can just switch it up on the fly and make sure I still get my work out. So we are going to concentrate on cardio and nutrition for the next few days. He also gave some tips of things I could do to heal it.

I did get a little worried at first, didn’t want to  stop the momentum over such a small part of my body, but sometimes these things happen, from your average Joe to a top athlete, because we need to push ourselves.


1st DECEMBER 2011

So after some internet surfing I found out I got Tennis/ Golfers Elbow, they are the same thing just a different side of the elbow. Luckily it’s not a rear thing and nothing permanent. I got a lot of info of the internet as to what to do to it.

Also by chance I was talking to someone in the Gym about it and he gave me a really good insight into it, for one, the way you sleep can affect it. I sleep on my arm, and wake up sore sometimes, so it was not just the exercise that was affecting it. With this new found information I could relax a bit more and know there are things I can do to control the situation.

2nd DECEMBER 2011

So I have been taking it a bit easier on the workouts as to not aggravate my injury, so exercised I’ve kept clear off, but I have been coming in everyday doing more cardio and legs. At the end of the day so long as I get my heart betting faster and burning calories I’m on the right track.

3rd DECEMBER 2011

I can’t believe I was so stuck on my arm that I forgot to mention that I lost 7 kilos in first 3 weeks. I knew I had lost some weight and I felt a lot tighter around the core, now I don’t want to get too hung up on weight as it’s all about my fat percentage and getting a lot fitter, but it was real good to see all the hard work was paying off.  You have to appreciate everything you achieve, from lifting more weights to just having changed your outlook to eating.

5th DECEMBER 2011

My arm is still giving me niggles, trying not to worry about it as I want to keep pushing till xmas. I did go out quite a bit this weekend but I kept to 2 glasses of red wine one night and 2 pints the other. I think the fact that I know I’m not doing as hard as I can in the gym because of my arm makes me keep a real eye on the nutrition.

This does not make it any easier when everyone is drinking, going to the bar and I still got the same pint, platters on the table with dips, chips and sauces. I know i have said this before, but the easiest way is to concentrate on not drinking too much, because once your half cut it all goes out the restrain goes out the window, weather its food, decision making or social behaviour. (We’ve all been there)

7th DECEMBER 2011

Today was another work out with Craig.
You can’t run away from it when you are with a trainer, the fitter you get the harder he makes the workouts. He is constantly pushing you, seeing what your boundaries are. I like this approach, I’m not saying that sometimes we don’t do horrible, horrible things, but he knows I’m game, and if it’s too hard then he takes it back down a little. That is something that is very hard to do on your own.

We also took it easy on anything that would involve my forearm too much, just to be on the safe side.  It was also weigh in day, and unfortunately I didn’t lose anything. This was far more of a shock then losing 7 kilos in 3 weeks. I really kept to the food, and did go into the gym, maybe didn’t push it as much as I was but still…

8th DECEMBER 2011

As I couldn’t believe I didn’t lose any weight I went back on the scales, and there I was 1 kilo less. I’m not too sure how this works, if the scale was of the day before or it was off the last time I did it. Maybe my system flushed out over the 24 hours. Either way my point is to not get too hung up on numbers. Yes I didn’t lose as much as before, but I am pushing heavier weights and doing much more difficult exercises then I did when I started.

To read more about Essential Water, Please click the image

Those should be as much an achievement as the weight loss, as they show I’m progressing.  Now I want to talk about the whole flushing the system, mainly about water. I have always been told to drink plenty of water during the day and keep hydrated. Especially if you’re doing exercise, I even remember a gym that had a hydration colour chart next to the toilet to check your urine colour against.

It makes perfect sense when you’re doing exercise as so forth as you feel thirsty, but if you start to feel thirsty that means you are already slightly dehydrated.  Making sure you keep hydrated not only flushes out your system but also improves your circulation, which in turn makes all your organs work better.

test your urine regularly


If you ever need to remind yourself how important water is, rent out “Touching the Void” this movie really puts it into perspective.
If food is fuel for the body, then water is the oil.

11th DECEMBER 2011

Not feeling good at all. Looks like the winter weather has got to me and I got the start of a cold or flu. Hopefully it won’t be too bad, after my tennis elbow I really want to keep the new momentum going.

12th DECEMBER 2011

No gym today. Feel so tired and weak from this cold. I have taken all the medicine I could find in the hope that I can feel better and get back on it

14th DECEMBER 2011

Today I finally got back in the gym. The fear of going to see Craig “cold” made me go in today no matter what. I needed to have a session before I saw him, to be honest once I got into it I was fine, the endorphins kicked in and i did an ok work out, made sure to take it easy but still pushed myself to make it worthwhile. Not to go on about it but this is so much easier to do with a heart rate monitor.

15th DECEMBER 2011

Work out with Craig. Physically it’s always thinking and pushing yourself mentally. It can also really take it out of you.  But having someone telling you what to do, how to do it and correcting you really takes out a lot of the mental strain of working out on your own. I sometimes see people with personal trainers just going through the motions.

I don’t get it, all you have to do is what you are told to do to the best you can, and that’s it. You got this trainer for yourself, you made the move to hire the trainer and you are paying for the service. A trainer can be the best tool you can have, and if they are not doing it for you then change, find the right match and give it your all.

Only you can be honest with yourself about what you are achieving.  And no matter how much you pay for a trainer or see them a week, it is you who will be doing all the hard work, it is you who will be doing the changes in your life.

16th DECEMBER 2011

My full energy is finally back. Four days of workouts will do that to you. It really is all about getting the first few out the way. Even if it’s the first training you have ever done in your life, after an injury or just after a short break.

You mind and body really tries to get you out of it. It’s amazing how quickly my body becomes my little devil on my shoulder, not wanting to go, coming up with all these very good reasons why not to go. All I have to do is get to the gym, I have realised so long as a concentrate on that I’m fine, as once I’m at the gym I can get on with it.

18th DECEMBER 2011

Because of my cold and the fact that we are coming up to Christmas.   I went into the gym today, on a Sunday.  I was going shopping anyway so I thought why not go in for a bit. It was so chilled in there; I might make this a regular thing. I could get on all the machines I wanted, felt so much better afterwards and didn’t get that cabin fever kicking in after a winter weekend indoors.

“Just have to say this was taken after a full hour and half work out with Craig, kick technique is sloppy, but I was just doing it as a fun cardio to finish”… Mr. Blanco

20th DECEMBER 2011 

All I can see is the small break I’m gonna take for Christmas. I know this is all a life time commitment, but this first part of losing it all is the toughest hurdle. So this small break will come as a good moment to chill guilt free. If you know you are committed, then time can actually be your friend, so long as you eat right and do the workouts you will get fitter and lighter.

Consistency is what really matters, but consistency in the long hall, make sure you see the bigger picture and stick to it. it’s not like once I get to where I want I’m gonna go on a 3 month binge and leave the gym. As much as the tv show man v food calls to me, this is not going to happen.

Either way I need to stick to this life style as much as possible, I don’t want to gain it all again, or lose my fitness. Yes from time to time I will manage my gym time differently, but will always look to stay fit and healthy. Make it into my habit, like all the other things I do naturally.

So all together
“Learn it, Love it, Live it”
Whichever way you put it, the philosophy is very important.

22nd DECEMBER 2011

Work out with Craig. Today I got given my new work out cards. As much good as the other work outs was having, I was missing doing some more concentrated heavier lifting. He broke it down to cardio days, core cardio days and push or pull cards.  Push has chest, triceps and shoulders and pull has back, biceps n shoulders. Both workouts have some form of leg work combined and of course CORE!

The idea which I’m sure he goes into much more detail on is to give the muscles a rest time. i.e. there are a lot of chest exercises that engages the triceps too (and vice versa), so if you did chest one day then triceps the next you are not giving either muscle its rest time. 

For me it was just about doing some heavy weights, the one expectancy of a guy my size is to push weight and I like most men get caught up in it. I can’t have some guy, half my size going heavier than me. This is one of many stupid hang ups we all get into, but from time to time they are good, if all they do is fuel your fire and not your insecurities.

23rd DECEMBER 2011

Today is my last day of all this as we celebrate on the 24th in Argentina, so I will be cooking a dinner for me and my girlfriend who has been really good about this. Especially all food changes I have made to our dinner plates. Sannette has been very supportive and positive and it has helped a lot.

I am very lucky for that (lucky in general just to have met her), and I use this as another tool to push me through it. So whatever you have or can get to help you, do it. Friends, family, loved ones, charity sponsors even a simple log of everything you are doing can help. Why not? Might as well throw everything at it, you never hear someone failing saying “I had too many people/things helping and supporting me”.

27th DECEMBER 2011

I was back in the gym today. I always say it’s just about getting that first session in. Otherwise I get into my head and all these excuses come up, even after all this time I still get the voice. Especially if I can just stay home and chill with my girlfriend, enjoy our home and new presents. 

So I made sure to go as soon as I could after the holidays. I was sluggish but I did a full set and I was fine afterwards and back on track. The more you leave it the worst it gets, just make yourself go in get it done; the next day will be easier.  Plus all that good stuff was still waiting for me at home when I got back

30th DECEMBER 2011

I made sure to make this the day I saw Craig. One so that I had time to work off the xmas food and two so that I would go in to the gym till the last day possible, then take my days off for new years, knowing I did all I could. I didn’t lose or gain any weight, so that is a good result. Craig told me the important thing was not to gain any weight so, so all good. I was worried as just after a few days off I feel so out of shape, but it is very much a mental thing.

With that in mind all I can do now is get ready for 2012, and use it like everyone else as a platform for motivation and change. Like I said before, use everything you can to help you.  Happy New Year


02 JANUARY 2012

The new year brings a new slate with it. This can be used to asses what you have achieved, reset the goals.  All in all I’m pretty happy with the results I managed to get, loosing weight and feeling much fitter.   I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions, but like I said before having the slate clean means you can start afresh. You can forget any disappointments and focus on the positive things you have achieved and use them to move forward.

05 JANUARY 2012

First session with Craig after the new year break, this was not as bad as the xmas break. I didn’t waver as much during new year’s and kept a good attendance at the gym before seeing him. The New Year drive is working out well for me, has given me a new motivation. We are also doing new things all the time, and all the old ones I hate, you got to love it

07 JANUARY 2012

I forgot to mention that we had no turkey for Christmas. This was partly due to my girlfriend’s hatred for it and mainly due to the fact that I have used it as a replacement for beef. My favorite lunch is a turkey burger.

Take 150g of turkey mince ( heavily spiced ), pat it down nice and thin.
While this is cooking you can slice up a tomato, chop up a few spring onions and get a big handful of lettuce. Place it all on some whole grain bread splash it with olive oil and place the warm burger on top. Sometimes I add a bit of avocado.   This is a warm, nutritious and filling meal with far less fat than any red meat and a lot cheaper too.

09 JANUARY 2012

Monday blues can hit you any time no matter how much you do, the gym was tough today. There is something about the switching off over the weekend  that can always give you a mind block. and if your minds not in it then your not getting everything out it.  That us why by making it habit I still turn up and do the best I can. Even if this is not my best it still sets me up for the next session.

12th JANUARY 2012

Work out with Craig, still hard as always. Trying to keep going and using the momentum from new years.  Sometimes its just another day at the office, and that’s fine too. Another one down, another step closer to where I wanna be.  Still loosing around a kilo a week, and so long as I keep doing that is all I need.

14th JANUARY 2012

Not feeling very good. i could believe i got sick again this year, but then remembered my mates little kid sneezing on my face 3 days ago. its a bit of a bitch as the last thing i need is to feel like this, plus i wanted to give it my all before my birthday so I can chill out for that weekend

16th JANUARY 2012

Felt terrible the whole weekend and today I still felt crap. Not only that but I got a few job interviews coming up, so all getting a bit much. Might not seem like a big deal but once you get thrown off balance its really disorientating trying to get back on it. Need to re-focus and make sure I get to the gym tomorrow, get it back in my stride.

19th JANUARY 2012

I did not feel confident going into the session today with Craig. Not been feeling 100% when i went to the gym. Because of this it took me a little while to get going, but having Craig their made all the difference. Not having to think about anything but what i was told to do, having him push me that extra bit.

I didn’t want to go on the scales as I didn’t think I did well, but we did anyway and I had lost just under a kilo. Maybe it was the virus, who knows. Either way all i was looking forward to was my birthday weekend.

23rd JANUARY 2012

My birthday weekend is behind me. I had a blast, it was just what I needed after the cold. I did go a little crazy with the food, but I enjoyed it all. I felt at Christmas like I had to eat all that was there, even if I was not much in the mood. Not so on my birthday I chilled out and enjoyed it all. I didn’t go nuts, and to be honest I can’t handle more than one big feed a day. The next day I was a little hungover, but started my day like I have been doing for months now and ate all the right things.

24th JANUARY 2012

Great news!  Got the a job. I went for what I really liked and wanted to do. Start next Monday. This has got me pumped, I know my routine is going to have to change from when I was doing freelance as it’s a Monday to Friday job, but I’m so up for it.

26th JANUARY 2012

A good work out with Craig. I had lots of energy, I’m sure its from the fact that things are changing in my life. I’m also feeling great, I’m really starting to feel the difference and my core is really at a high level, just need to get rid of the fat in front of it.

There was however a weight gain, or so the scale said. This came to me as a total shock, some weeks I don’t feel the difference, but this week I did feel tighter and lighter, yet I went up 2 kilos? I moved the scale and it said another weight. At that point we decided not to bother with the weight this week. There was no way I had put on that much weight, but because we need to have a quick guide of my progress we use the scale, and its not always the best way to measure your progress. and my weight is not my final goal its only part of a transformation.

31st JANUARY 2012

Even after everything I said, I was still hung up about what the scale said, so I went into over drive. I trained everyday and kept a real eye on my food intake. I also started work and have been going to the gym at lunch time.

I felt if I start off well I will get into the habit again of going at lunchtime, and not start meeting old friends for pub lunches. I like to get so use to it that before I know what I want to do for lunch, I find myself outside in the gym.

I got as focused as possible before the job I started and its worked.  The job has also given me new energy and I’m determined to use these next two months to go into overdrive.

1st FEBRUARY 2012

Had Mr. Blanco in for his training session and caught up with his weight.  Mr Blanco needed to be 114kg.  Little to my surprise, he weighed in at 112.5 kg.  That is a superb effort from Mr. Blanco and we will continue to monitor his progress as we go.  Gonna have to get another picture of Mr. Blanco soon as he is really looking fantastic!  You be the judge!   CRAIG…MASTER PERSONAL TRAINER to MR BLANCO

3rd FEBRUARY 2012

I’m now mostly going to the gym near work. It is the same gym I use to go to in my old job in Soho, so I know quite a few people there. This to me was always a good thing, made training a lot more enjoyable.  I would learn things from others and I would also be pushed by them. This was all good when all I was doing was pushing heavier and heavier weights.  Something I obviously had to change so I could cut down on weight and focus on fat loss.

The reason I’m talking about this, is that now it’s become counterproductive. I only have 30-40 minutes to train (I’m not the boss anymore), so I need to get in and out and get the most out of that time. This has proven a little difficult with people trying to chat to you or say hello all the time.

Its all so… stop start, that I feel so stressed by the combination of clock watching and engaging in conversation. I realize that I will have to come to the gym before or after work, but I still like coming at lunch time.  It helps me to switch off from work and makes the day feel a lot shorter. I’m gonna have to find a way to address this soon.

5th FEBRUARY 2012

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Today I’m gonna talk about food again. Especially substitutes, I have come to believe that there is always a healthier substitution to most foods. For me the one thing I found difficult was the low carbs at night.

I can do a piece of meat with salad a few times a week, but over winter that was getting harder and harder. So I looked into foods that might give me the same satisfaction as rice or pasta. I had switched to whole wheat a while back, but they have a high carb count.
One was a recommendation from Craig, and that is lentils. A warm serving of lentils with some chopped up veggies in it can be very comforting during winter.

Rusted vegetables like peppers, aubergines, onions, corgettes, making sure I don’t add any carb heavy ones so I can eat in peace. You can experiment with all sorts of spices, even ones that are for meats.

My least favorite, but I still try to eat a few times a week is boiled carrot, broccoli and cauliflower. They come in their own little bag from the shop and so easy to do. I put a tea spoon of pesto on them at the end and season well. These are also good to beef up a saucy dish like my turkey chilli con carne.

cayenne powder

Putting the veggies as a base to avoid using rice.  For a cold alternative I like bean salad, I add all sorts of things to it. Tomatoes, sun dried or blushed, spring onions or finely chopped onions, chopped avocado.  Some olive oil and a  splash of lemon and sometimes some cayenne pepper for a little kick!

8th FEBRUARY 2012

Work is using up a lot of my energy! I think the mental energy it takes to learn all these new things really has an effect. I’m sure the 9-6, five times a week is also a bit of a shock to the system. So it’s weird to feel a mixed bag of emotions as I like my new office and the work, but I do feel the strain of my time and energy a lot more.

I am however using the regime of the work week to keep my nutrition on track. It’s a lot easier to keep tabs on it then it was when I was freelancing. I set my alarm to ring a few times a day to tell when to eat and bring in most of my food. If I forget to bring something in then I make sure I get something healthy.

soho street scene


Soho at night

Soho business district

I am lucky as I work in the West End of LONDON and I have so much choice, but even if all you have near you is a greasy spooner, there is still good choices to be made. I can also keep an eye on the water intake, as I keep a bottle by my desk and make sure it is all finished before I go home.  It is always about using everything to your benefit.

13th FEBRUARY 2012

As much I wanted to be focused and keep the momentum going, sometimes things get on top of you. I started the job fine, went to the gym every lunch time and a few times after work. Unfortunately I do shift work, so I had to do a few lates, which meant I should go to the gym before work.

London in the snow

This was not an easy thing to adjust to, especially when it started snowing. So my gym time started wavering. Lunch time was hard as I mentioned before because of the time constraints and social aspect. So I have conceded this week, there are times when you do get over whelmed with outside forces.

This is why every weekend should be used to re-focus. See what went wrong, or what you did like, what worked, what didn’t and go from there. This can take as little as 20 minutes, but can make a real difference to your outcome of the following week, and makes you aware of the mistakes you made the previous week.

15th FEBRUARY 2012

I did a work out with Craig on Sunday. Because of my new job and the shift patterns it was  difficult to get a session booked during the week. I was not looking forward to this!  I have trained before on a Sunday, but the idea of a flat out Craig work out on Sunday was not very inspiring.

The only thing inspiring me is my goal, dedication does not come easy. This is a sacrifice I need to make because of my new job, you need to keep going, find the time and find the energy. And like must things I have done during this period, once you do it it’s not that bad, your body gets use to it, it’s your mind power and will that takes over here. 

Well… not everything is your mind, it was definitely Craig’s workout that made me wanna be sick on Sunday.

19th FEBRUARY 2012

I’m finally below 110kg. Today was another grueling session with Craig.  I’ve gotten to the point where I try not to think of anything but the exercise in front of me.  I can’t even decide which ones I hate any more.

This just happens from time to time, but having Craig means I don’t waste my time when I get like this. He will push me all the way, or let me catch my breath, go a little easier when I need it.  It’s a fine a line, especially when you are training on your own.

You don’t want to hate it, but you need to push your ever changing body. Unfortunately those changes are less visual as the first fast kilos loss, or picking up heavier weights, but they are changes never the less!

21st FEBRUARY 2012

Work can really suck the life out of you. I’m finding it very hard to go to the gym after work, or before depending on my shift.  I still turn up, do my thing, but I really don’t feel focused. 8 hours using your brain, dealing with people and on top of that the time it took you to get there in rush hour.

It is becoming relentlessly repetitive, I miss my Kung Fu class, I miss tennis with mates. If there was one thing I could change, it would be having a mate to work out with again. I guess I got some serious winter blues.

24th FEBRUARY 2012

Just going in to work and I’m so glad its Friday!  Just power through one more day then I can chill a little at home. I saw Craig yesterday, so this weekend is all mine. As I was going into the gym yesterday, after a full day at work, I could not make up my mind what was worse, doing it on a Sunday morning or doing it at 7:30pm on a week night.

It’s one thing to walk down the road to the gym near my work, but to go in after doing the bulk of your travel home? It was really hard to switch on, luckily (?) Craig had no problem switching me on.

Had to dig real deep just to understand what he was saying to me at times.  I was that distant. I still gave it my all, because that’s the only thing I can control, and at the end of the day this is what this whole thing is all about, control.


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