Is Insulin The Enemy Everyone Says It Is

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Picture image of the Health logo on the site toward understanding insulinThe words blood sugar and insulin are tossed around a lot.  

So much so, that most people get really confused and are eating or not eating things because what they think they know about blood sugars and insulin.

I’m gonna give the straight talk and simple to understand skinny on insulin so you will know the facts and not fall into the mass media trap of mis-information that can destroy all of your weight loss efforts.

  Insulin in your body is used to build lean muscle and can also store, to our detriment many times,  calories as fat.  Insulin is actually a protein, much like a growth hormone and has branch chain amino acids that are linked together like other protein molecules.

However, what makes this different though, is the way the branch chain amino acid are folded together, which in turn signals a  mechanism instead of an anabolic protein molecule, that most of us are familiar.

Basics Of Insulin

Insulin is a hormone and like many hormones, insulin is a protein. Insulin is secreted by a groups of cells in the pancreas that are called islet cells. The pancreas sits behind the stomach and has many vital functions.  One of the major ones is the production of insulin. The pancreas also produces digestive enzymes and other differing hormones to the insulin hormone. Carbohydrates (or sugars) are absorbed in the intestine and then absorbed into the bloodstream after mealtime.picture image of simple carbohydrates

Insulin is then secreted by the pancreas in response to to the sugar in the blood.  When a cell has insulin attached to its surface, the cell activates other receptors that are designed to absorb glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream and is absorbed into the cell.

Without insulin to bring down the sugar level in the blood stream, this is why people with type 1 diabetes who do not make insulin can become very sick without an  insulin shot.  Insulin is a necessary hormone in the body.  Type II Diabetics in short, have the problem of no insulin production to bring sugar levels into check.  Their blood sugar levels either will be controlled via their nutritional intake, or be out of control in either direction.  To high or too low.  Extremely dangerous condition and once you have it…you have it!  No turning back.

So Why Does Insulin Also Promote Fat Storage?

When we eat food and insulin is released from our pancreas into the blood stream, our brain sends a signal that we have just been fed and it triggers other hormones similar to insulin to become elevated.  Since your body pretty much always wants to store calories in case it ever needs them at a later date, the nutrients will also try to be absorbed into the fat cells.

When you eat a high amount of sugar, your body goes into a panic and usually secretes to apple Weight-lossmuch insulin, since all it see’s is a huge spike of sugar in the bloodstream.  This in turn causes your body to store too much sugar in the fat cells and leads to low blood sugars or hypoglycemia.

This in turn triggers your brain stimulating hunger again and for many this process keeps repeating itself over and over and over again.  Unfortunately, this leads to over-eating and unnecessary weight gain. So if you have ever wondered why you are hungry shortly after eating something that is very sweet, check to see what you just ate.

If it was primarily carbs then your body overcompensated and took too much sugar out of the blood which triggered your hunger response.

So the trick is to know when to spike your insulin and when to control it so that the majority of the sugar in your blood is going into your muscle cells and not your fat cells.

How To Control Insulin Levels

Firstly, controlling insulin is all about knowing and understanding  what type of foods you are eating in regard to the glycemic load.  The glycemic load is basically the insulin response that your body has when eating a specific food.  Low glycemic index foods sucha s oats, muesli’s etc. will trigger a lower insulin response where as a higher glycemic index food will trigger a much higher insulin response.

This all means that your body has a higher level of insulin circulating  in the blood stream around and the insulin is trying to bring it down.  If the muscles don’t need it, well then you can guess where it goes?  Directly to FAT!

The exception to this rule is directly after a workout.  You want to have  a higher glycemic load after a workout, because your muscles are going to take all thosesugars circulating in the blood stream and use them for muscle building and repair.

Although at differing times, you want to ingest foods that have a low  glycemic indexes. These slow releasing sugars pass slowly through your digestive system and trigger a much lower insulin response.  This lower reaction to insulin release Picture image of complex carbohydratesminimizes the storage of calories as fat.

 Here are some examples of everyday foods that have a lower glycemic index.

Another trick is to consume more protein with every meal .  This helps to control insulin because protein consumption boosts a hormone called glucagon.  This is the antagonist to insulin, meaning the opposite.

If glycagon can be elevated then insulin will be lower as the result. I don’t want you to be afraid of carbs and sugars.  They are something that our bodies need to function properly and to build new lean muscle tissue.  

Just learn to control them with your portion size and know what to eat and when.  This is the golden key to losing weight and keeping it off forever.

So the long and short of it is this.  If you are one of the lucky people in the population that can get away with spiking their sugars levels all of your life and not develop Type II Diabetes….consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky.

You’ll most likely be way overweight and very unhappy with your life…..but hey that’s life right?  Unfortunately….by the time you find out that you have become Diabetic….it’s too late!  It’s RUSSIAN ROULETTE. You can’t GO back….only deal with a situation that needs constant attention for the rest of your life.

We don’t take chances here a!  We Learn about EVERYTHING….Then we LEARN TO LOVE IT…Then we LIVE IT EVERYDAY!

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Learn it, Love it, Live it!

Is Insulin The Enemy Everyone Says It Is?

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