Focus and Breathe

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So the third Must in our 1,2,3 will be the dynamic duo of Focus and breathing correctly and efficiently. Now there is a lot to be said here, so lets start with the simple fact that these two go together. In fact, Posture, Tight Core, and Breathing all have to do with FOCUS.

I have a few clients, even after months of training, that lose their focus, and need to be reminded of it by me. That’s the beauty of having Professional Instruction on a one to one basis. You get the benefit of it here for free, instead of spending £80 ($130) per hourly session. So for your benefit, the vast majority of the instructional videos regarding the exercises we will be doing, will consist of me interacting with a student, so you can understand and put in perspective what is expected from you on a habitual basis.

So Focus….what do you actually mean?

Before we attempt to perform any physical exercise correctly, I will need you to block out anything else going on around you. So if the TV is on in the background, turn it off. If the kids are running around and being noisy, kick’m out and shut the door. If you are in a gym, close your eyes and think. Think to yourself…OK, I’ve seen Craig instruct what I should be doing. Can I see it? Can I visualize myself doing this exercise with the right form, focus and technique? Where do I start?

I will tell you where you need to start…..With a 1,2,3! EVERYTIME! 1. Pull yourself up straight and confident in a good Postural position. NO laziness here. 2. You push your thumb into your stomach and tighten up the core/ab muscles and keep them tight. 3. You will focus and visualize yourself doing the exercise and see yourself doing the last repetition and forcing it with good technique. Safety is always the first priority, so MAINTAIN YOUR FORM.

The last thing you will do is….remember to breathe properly throughout the exercise. Breathing correctly throughout an exercise, I find, is one of my clients most difficult to master. Let me make this VERY simple for you. Anytime thpicture image of a motivational quote focus and breatheat a muscle is contracting or you feel resistance (gravity) forcing against you, you will BREATHE OUT (EXHALE). On recovery, when the muscle elongates, you will BREATHE IN (INHALE).

Focus and you’ll feel the Burn!

Let me say this….NO PAIN, NO GAIN! Now I know you’ve heard that term before. Well let’s keep it as simple as possible. A muscle put under stress, whether it be running, lifting, resistance training, will eventually overload and fatigue. A chemical reaction in the body happens when the muscle is put under such stress and a burning sensation begins to appear. This is your body’s mechanism telling you that the oxygen in the muscle has been depleted and replaced with lactate…or lactic acid.

This is a normal thing. What we want to achieve with your body and it’s muscles, is its’ ability to have a higher and higher threshold of lactic acid build up as your intensity of training increases. A better efficiency of dealing with lactic acid build up. This will make your aerobic endurance much better and force your heart and body to work at higher levels of intensity before becoming fatigued with lactic acid.

This will gradually increase your metabolism or your body’s ability to burn energy. What we what, is to get into the fat burning zone. This is generally 75% of your maximum heart rate. A long BRISK walk would normally get you into this zone. In order to find your Maximum Heart Rate or MHR…Take 220 – your age and that is the maximum beats per minute that your body should ever reach. So my MHR is 220 – 50 (my age) = 170 bpm (beats per minute). So 75% of my MHR is 127.5 bpm. 170 x .75 = 127.5. Make sure you write this down somewhere easily seen. If you wear a Heart Rate Monitor, be aware of your MHR for your safety.

Lactic acid… is it the enemy?picture image of a motivational quote focus and breathe

Yes and No. If we didn’t have this ingenious body chemistry mechanism, we would probably wind up injury our bodies without realizing we were doing it. It’s our bodies emergency stop button. We just don’t want to have to pull the chord until it is absolutely necessary to do so. So yes, the burn is the enemy, but without it we would be in trouble. Think of it as a necessary evil. We all suffer from lactic acid build up. The difference is, that we will make friends with it and realize that this is progress and that we are working at an intensity level that causes the body and the muscles to go into overload!

You will hear me say breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth three times when you feel the burn. Think of this as a bottle of fizzy tonic water. When you crack the top, it has a quick hiss or sZprit. Think of this as the lactic acid moving through your blood stream, into your lungs and then exhaling the lactic acid out through the mouth. The deep breath in re-supplies your blood stream and muscles with oxygen.

The burn will ease off, enabling you to continue the exercise. This is where change happens folks! We call this PROGRESSION. Get use to progression folks, cause without it, we’re just standing still. This is a moving train and once we master one thing, we will make it progressively harder and more challenging.

In the instructional video’s you will be hearing me breathe, very noisily at times. I will breath in through my nose and out from my mouth. I want you to focus and start getting into the good habit now of doing this exactly as I have just said it. You need to trust me. So, going back to the last 3 MUSTS.

Focus is the MENTAL GLUE that holds everything in place. Without it, we are done before we start. So get ready guys, the ride is about to begin. I want you doing everything, EXACTLY as I am doing it. There is no room for deviation. You will learn the exact proper form, technique and focus needed to be successful and progressive with us here at fitnesshealthandmind and attain the results that we all want in our lives. Winners focus and are comfortable within our own bodies!

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Focus and Breathe

  1. Sharon Chesworth says:

    wow! excellent post. Breathing is the key. If you focus your mind on something, remember to breathe properly. I always forget somtimes. Thanks to the Master PT, I owe you a lot and changed my life! You’re a star!

  2. Sharon Chesworth says:

    Even now I’m not noisy enough with breathing and I look pale when doing a tough session. Breathe Bunny!

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