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Don't re-invent the wheel! Training StyleWhen eDon't re-invent the wheel! Training Stylever I want to understand and learn how someone does what they do, I try and find, watch and follow the training of as many examples of them doing it as I can. These are, most of the time, video and audio presentations.

Now I am a big tenor saxophone player and I have certain professional saxophone players that I enjoy watching and listening to consistently and try to phrase musical notes like they do it.

Now having said that…I don’t want to be them, I just want to do my training and practice and assimilate their presence on stage, their mannerisms and make them my own, in my own way. The beauty of watching and listening to a professional as the total control that they have and the way they make it all look so effortless.

What winds up happening is that through my training, I become a mixture or conglomeration of the different styles of presentation and sound (musicality).

Everything that happens to me as I do this leads into what I sound like when I play and my personal presence when playing. It forms the basic foundations of my tone and musical phrasing.

Now, why am I talking about my saxophone playing on a fitness training site.

Well I’ll tell you why.

All of my clients, not one excluded, have told me that when I demonstrate a particular exercise that…I quote “you make that look so easy”. Well I of course take these comments in stride and I reply , “when you do your training and practice properly as much as me, everything becomes easy”.

As you watch the video presentations on the site, I want you to remember that you will never do an exercise exactly as I do it, BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT ME.

“Be yourself, everybody else is taken”, Oscar WildeDon't re-invent the wheel! Training Style

I’m never gonna sound exactly like the other professional players do, because they have their own sound. But when you listen to me play, you can certainly see the resemblance and hear the influence that those players have had on me. That is my sound. I own it.

Same thing with the training video’s on this site regarding instruction. I want you to try and emulate the form and technique that I am demonstrating. As long as you are in a good position, with a tight core, focused and breathing properly, I am happy for YOU TO BE YOU.

So many members in the gym I worked at have said to me that, ” they can tell the members who have had training with me, because they resemble the way I do things”.

That’s the BIGGEST COMPLIMENT that I could ever wish for.

So what you will be doing in essence, is copying a professional and not trying to re-invent the wheel! Your wheel may look a bit different than mine, (a bit different), but make these your own and have fun. Exercise and progress IS fun and exciting, so enjoy the ride to success!

Stay in good form and push the limits. You’re gonna be a Great You when we’re done!

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Learn it, Love it, Live it!

You’ll be having fun and training hard!

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