Do you believe it

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So I believe in the previous post, we counted VISION and visualization as one of the most important mental traits that you will have to exercise on a daily basis to reach any of the goals you set for yourself. With out seeing our self attaining our goals we are going to find it very hard to reach them. It’s like reaching out into the pitch black darkness to try and grab some ones hand.

What I want you to do is reach over to the wall and turn the light on. The light may not be an illumination of the sun in your eyes, but you can see the hand and grab onto it easily. Same principle in vision and visualizing. When you do the next thing on the list, the illumination of the sun will begin to appear for you. This will require, as I said, quiet time every day for this exercise. Once we can see it (your GOAL) clearly, brightly and vividly.


Is it an illusion, a mirage?

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, It can achieve.”- Napoleon Hill

So BELIEF is the second golden key to attaining everything you want in life! I will use myself as an example, because it is very dear to me and a very revealing part of my personality. Let me ask you a question? Do you think I would create this website with out truly believing that I can attain my definite purpose in life?

It is the mission of myself and to help reach as many people globally, regardless of race, religion age or background, to reach their ultimate life of success, happiness and the fulfillment of ones main purpose in life.

I truly believe that I will attain my main purpose in life! How can you be so sure you may say? I haDo you believe it?ve not only visualized it and seen it very vividly in my minds eye, but I have become UNSHAKEABLE in the pursuit of attaining my major purpose in life. No one could ever talk me out of it. No one could actually persuade me to do anything else. Not the most negative mind, externally to me that I come into contact with could deter my course. That is “definiteness of purpose”.

The current statistic is this: 95% of all people who think they can achieve their life’s main purpose fail. These 95% most likely are suffering from lack of direction. They think they know what they want. They may have a very vague picture of what it looks like, smells like, feels like. They do it for a while and then loose drive, interest and determination. They get swayed easily by negativity in others. They may be speaking to themselves in a negative defeating voice.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it!

Listen…life is full of challenges and obstacles. It is the 5% of the population who BELIEVE they can achieve what ever they go after. It is a BURNING DESIRE to attain it in your life. If you want to attain a certain level of fitness, or maybe the muscular physique you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’re going to run in a half marathon or even for the really brave a full marathon. BELIEF is that wall you hit around the street during the marathon.

You either give up, or suck it up like a champion and push through to reach the finish line. It is developing mental toughness. You will have to consistently work on yourself mentally to attain a certain level of fitness, or that muscular physique. Or lose the weight, by living right, eating right, thinking right. As the late great Jim Rohn quoted, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your business”.

Have faith in yourself and believe, with a burning desire to succeed and you will prevail. Success will gravitate to you easily when you keep the faith and believe, even in the darkest hours of depression and isolation. Religion is the worlds strongest and widely held belief systems on earth. With out unwitting faith and belief, there is NO religion. What we are trying to achieve here at fitnesshealthandmind is to become physically fit, lose weight, get ripped, eat healthily, and extend our longevity here on earth for as long as possible. Belief is a soul searching type of thing.

For me, it is a quest that his site fulfill its destiny in regard to my definite purpose in life. I will stop at nothing to attain it. If you have been watching the international news, you can see the power of Vision and Belief in action. The uprisings of the people in Tunisia and Egypt are fueled by these two concepts. With out TOTAL UNDENIABLE BELIEF that they are entitled to Live free, this could not have happened. Once the collective BELIEF of the people was harnessed and put into ACTION, the outcome of their collective belief was unstoppable. Imagine putting that kind of Faith, Vision and Belief into your life on a daily basis! You BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!

I am glad that you are here and hope you decide to stay with for the journey. An never forget….Life is a journey NOT a destination. Enjoy life and live with passion and purpose everyday, cause today may be your last day. Make it a Good One!!

I’d like to rewrite the Napoleon Hill quote and say…..

“What the mind can SEE, CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, It can ACHIEVE”. I’m quite sure that Mr. Hill would be OK with that re-quote!! I TRULY BELIEVE THAT!

Please leave a comment below and share your ideas with all of us.

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Learn it, Love it, Live it!



Believe it, and achieve it!

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Do you believe it

  1. Shahab says:

    Another good chunk of advice Craig, like all the others you’ve posted! I particularly like “life is a journey, not a destination” , something I’ve believed for some time. Thank you!

  2. Sharon Chesworth says:

    Wow, this is a big post for me. You need to believe that you will achieve whatever you want to happen. You do become unstoppable. Belief & confidence go together. Great post, keep it coming, Bunny x

  3. Deborah Heron says:

    I can relate a lot to this post – got to have belief to keep going with the weight loss over a few years.

  4. Hulai Connor says:

    thanks, great post, and you are so right!

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