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Here are some quick info tips and information on breakfast:

Did you know?

That when you boil vegetables, you remove vital nutrients that are inherently in them? The change in the colour of the water is the first cue that you are destroying the best part of the vegetable by over cooking it.

Consume as many lightly steamed, even micro-waved or ultimately raw vegetables as possible to get the highest nourishment from them. If your gonna boil ‘em, which I highly suggest you DON’T, then you have to drink the water they were cooked in!. Not very nice….so follow these simple tips for cooking veggies.

By eating at least you minimum daily requirements of fresh vegetables and fruits, you will be consuming high fiber, nutritious sustinance that causes the feeling of satisfaction and fullness, that in turn will help you in preventing BAD eating habits during the day.


If you have slept for 8 hours, your body has gone for that amount of time without nourishment. You just can’t afford to skip breakfast. Skipping it on puts the body in a stressed state that can lead to muscle tissue loss and vulnerable to fatigue and injury. Breakfast will help you kick start your metabolism early and set the pace for it for the rest of the day.

Did you know?

That over half of the American population that is over 55 eat this meal?

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Learn it, Love it, Live it!

Always Eat Breakfast if you want to lose weight!

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