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Hello and welcome to fitnesshealthandmind.com

It is my mission for this blog paper editor site to become an indispensable part of your life.  I will try very hard to earn your bookmark to this site and to have your subscription to the RSS feed on this page.

On the Beach in JAMAICA October 2012

fitnesshealthandmind.com is all about YOU.  Your physical fitness, your healthy eating and lifestyle habits and your innate power essay checker and corrector as a human being to harness the exceptional power of your mind and brain, all in one place!

A little bit About myself

Just a little bit about myself, Craig Savino, the author and founder of fitnesshealthandmind.com.  I am currently 53 years old. You can take a look at the photo’s of me and decide for yourself whether I look 53 years old.  Being born in 1960, I was a fairly average young boy with average talents.

I was raised in a small suburban town near the New Jersey shore.  I attended West Virginia University graduating in 1982.  I have four beautiful children, two of which are all grown up and living in Florida [Amanda 27 and Andrew 24 and two grand children 3 and 5 years old] and two young girls [Brittany 17 and Brooke 14] here in the London area.

Having been physically fit since I was 25, I’ve always taken great pride in how I live, look and feel.  I have been working as a Professional Personal Trainer here in the London area for 5 years now.

I am blessed to  have had hundreds of clients who have invested their time, there money and their blood sweat and tears to gain the lifestyles that they all strive to achieve.  It isn’t easy!  Any of them can tell you. As I say to all of the members here on this site and my live face to face clients, “I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, I’m telling you it’s gonna be worth it!”

About this site

I have started this site in order to help and mentor as many people as I can on a global scale.  As I have matured and grown over the years, I have found that my main purpose in my working life is to help and guide as many individual people gain the FREEDOM of living a fulfilling, fit, healthy and rewarding life.

There will undoubtedly be people at all different levels and stages in their personal development come to this site. The beauty of fitnesshealthandmind.com is that no matter what your level of development, there will always be something that can be learned.

You don’t need a gym to get physically fit and I will explain all to you in due course in regular posts and videos that will be entered on this site.  We are going to start with the basics, regarding everything from the fundamentals of physical fitness to health related issues and general nutritional advice and steps to becoming healthier from the inside out.

The third concept of harnessing the power of your mind, to not only believe that you can achieve everything you want in life, but putting yourself mentally in the right position for it all to come to you naturally.

This is all very powerful stuff here! 

The InSights Newsletter sign up box requesting your first name and email address is for PRIVATE use by me.  This newsletter will help you stay up to date with what is going on here on the site and I will only contact you via your email address should I deem it necessary for your personal development. I hate spammers as much as you do!

You will also find that I write the way I speak and will always speak in layman’s terms, as I find overly technical speak confusing to the process of learning. fitnesshealthandmind.com is meant to be an interactive place and I encourage you to always leave a comment regarding a post or a comment in general.

I always read your comments and will always endeavor to respond where I feel a response is necessary. Sharing is fun, and I have provided many of the most popular social sites, including Facebook, Twitter etc. for you to share your comments on and to pass this blog onto your friends and family.

Enjoy the site, the videos and posts and look forward to earning your loyalty and respect.

All the best in Fitness


Master Personal Trainer  (The Master PT)




  1. Sharon Chesworth says:

    There is a lot of information here. Craig you look in your early thirties. Very nicely worded and well written. There is a wealth of knowledge on here. It is exactly what you need. Someone who knows what they are talking about. A great introduction and an opportunity to interact with the latest Master PT.

  2. Sharon Chesworth says:

    I love the improvements made on this site. So cool x

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