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I reallypicture image of the green forward arrow on the site toward being healthy like this Cookbook.  It is full of so much good helpful information that I use it on a daily basis.  The meals not only look good but taste as good also.  And with 11 bonus e-books to boot, it makes it a heck of a deal.  I highly recommend it and I hope you give it a try.

Do it the Healthy Way!

In today’s world, the majority of people are overweight, unhealthy, misinformed and totally confused. Most public health, weight loss & nutrition programs are obviously not working that well. We all know that a good majority of weight loss programs on TV and the internet are nothing more than marketing scams – in times like these, simply stating the truth can be considered ‘controversial.’

PPicture image of cooked salmon on a plate that is healthyeople are getting fatter almost everywhere in the world 98% of dieters fail and gain more weight back. The leading causes of death are poor nutrition & physical inactivity.

The popular ‘eat less, exercise more’ dogma hasn’t done much in 30 years – except make us fatter.  Most doctors know practically nothing about nutrition Yo-Yo dieting damages the metabolism and makes it almost impossible to lose weight and feel good. 

Cardio is the most popular exercise, yet is the least effective for fat loss Chronic stress causes weight gain and prevents fat loss.

Here is What You Get with the Healthy Urban Kitchen:

125+ Easy Recipes (gluten free, soy free, trans-fat free) plus

Nutrition & Lifestyle Guidelines

Urban Fat Loss Formula

Success Journalpicture image of the healthy urban Kitchen cookbook

Goal Achieving Workshop

Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Meal Plans & Menu Planning

Shopping Guide

Healthy Fats & Oils Guide

Guide to Sustainable Food Recipes

Resources, Article/Book suggestions

Newsletter Updates

…and 11 Special Bonus Reports!

Just click on the Cookbook and you’ll be taken to the Urban Kitchen page where you can read more for yourself.

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A fantastic healthy book, that is a must have!


Learn it, Love it, Live it!


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