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Hiit Core Training Programme 124

Posted on by Master PT

Another edition of the video HiiT training series. Carlene takes us on another exercise program including a swiss ball and bicycle twist exercises using the gymboss interval timer.

The 1500 calorie menu

Posted on by Master PT

A great post to give you ideas regarding 1,500 calorie meal plans for the day. This calorie count will help you lose weight gradually and safely.

Hiit Core Training Programme 125

Posted on by Master PT

Hammering away again on the core and ab areas in this HiiT training video presentation. Carlene hitting on the obliques and the low abs in this post.


Posted on by Master PT

If you fail to give your body enough food each day it won’t be long before your body shifts into “starvation mode”, defense mechanism. Something we most definitely want to avoid. It’s simply your body’s way of protecting you from famine and a lack of food stuffs.

MRT CORE Compound Exercise Training Programme 209

Posted on by Master PT

A great Compound Exercise video here in MRT training. Featuring press ups with different hand positions and core and balance exercises with dumb bells.

Inspiring World Fitness Inspiration

Posted on by Master PT

INSPIRATION     It is our goal here at to inspire and motivate you toward becoming fit and healthy.  The definition of the word “inspire, inspiring or inspiration from the current dictionary is: INSPIRATION: Stimulation of the mind or …

Fat Loss and Metabolic Resistance Training

Posted on by Master PT

FAT LOSS I am fully on board with Metabolic Resistance Training ( MRT) for fat loss that is all the rage right now. The principles of metabolic resistance training for fat loss are in short listed below: 

1. Use Compound …

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